Friday, March 7, 2008

I am just not in love with today

First of alarm clock went off. Then my alarm on my phone went off. Then my alarm went off again because I hit snooze. Then my alarm on my phone went off again because I hit snooze. Who ever thought that a snooze button and/or function was a good idea was an idiot. Then again, I'm an idiot for using it in the first place. Just get up already!

When I get to school, I walk into the library as a teacher is walking out and she says to me, "Looks like you have a flood in there." And then the stench hits me. Whoa Nellie! Our materials center is in this little room at the back of the library and for some reason, when it was designed, someone thought we needed a sink back there. Why do you need a sink right next to the copy machine in a room full of BOOKS? So I bet you can guess what happened last night/early this morning. A pipe busted and the entire room was flooded. Not the whole library, just that little room. And did I mention that it stinks?

Third, a teacher that has video taped some of her students doing something or another wants to watch it this morning, but she can't get it hooked up to the TV. I can't either. So I suggest that we download it on her laptop and they can watch it through that. Ureka! Why didn't I think of that before? "So Mrs. So-and-So, where is the USB cord?" "What's a USB cord? These two cords are the only ones that were in the case when I got the camera." "Who had it before you?" "I don't know, someone just left it on my desk." Great. If I don't have those cords, this camera is pretty much useless. So I sent out two e-mails to everyone using a huge font size and red letters demanding the cords back. It was like a screaming e-mail.

And it's only 11:45am.

Can someone just invent a universal cord for me please? One of my tech friends maybe...Sam? Travis? Krish? Adam? Anyone? I just need one cord that plugs into EVERYTHING. Can you please just invent that for me? And if you could get that done before 3:00pm today, that would be GREAT!


Alison said...

It always surprises me how little people know about the most basic parts of technology. What is a USB cord? Wow, you would've thought she'd heard it somewhere before. Right? This sucks. I'm sorry--about the books and the cord. What is it about teachers? They never clean their crap out of the fridge, they'll eat anything put in the teacher's lounge, and they talk over the person trying to teach them something at trainings. Losing important pieces of equipment seems to fall into this category of faults. I will sent good energy your way riiiiiiight . . . . . . NOW! :)

WhiteEyebrows said...

I already did. It's called USB. But it doesn't do a lot of good for you when you LOSE it! :)

I'm sorry you had such a frustrating day. I thought you might have the day off because of the "snow"...

R Matthew Ware said...

You know, today hasn't been my favorite day either, but I don't have any concrete reasons why. I think it's just a gray day funk. But today should be the last day of winter in KC, according to the weather.

And USB is supposed to be universal (the letters mean universal service bus, beyond that, I'm clueless to what that means). Anyone who has had or used a newer computer in the last five years shoul have at least seen one.

But now you've reached the weekend, so congrats on that. Me, I have three more days after today until my weekend. I'll be glad when flu season is over.

Rhia Jean said...

*sigh* It's over people. It's over. Am I still alive? I think so...ouch! Yep, still alive!