Saturday, March 22, 2008


Here are some thoughts on what I am doing right now...blogging.

Blogging is great because it's like I'm talking to myself but nobody looks at me and laughs...or maybe they do. Stop laughing!

Blogging is like having a conversation with your friends and nobody interrupts you. However, you do have to wait a little while for a response which can be a little frustrating sometimes.

I love Google Analytics (thanks Samuel). I can see where and how often people view my blog. It's like stalking, but not really. Okay, well yeah, it is. I'm stalking all of you.

Sometimes I go back and re-read my old blogs (like I've been doing this for so long or something...sheesh! It's only been about a month). And then I re-read all of your comments (again more stalking). And then I laugh because we are all so funny!

When I'm in a meeting or driving or just plain bored, I try to effectively use that time to plan my blogs. Like I don't have anything else to think about but my blog. Seriously. Sometimes though, I do have unplanned blogs. Like this one. I just sat down to look up something else entirely on the internet and just started writing this.

There are days when I will check my blog before my e-mail. Scary, I know, but true.

Does everyone out there love it as much as I do? Just wondering. (Not wandering, mind you, but wondering. I do wander...quite often. Right now I'm doing both.)


drfindley said...

I think I'm hands down the best commenter. Any objections? That's right none.

R Matthew Ware said...

Um...your blog tells you how many time each of us look at your blog? If mine says three bajillion, a day, it's because I get bored at work. It's definitely not that I'm creepy. I mean, I don't look in people's windows.

But seriously, I have four blogs (not including my own) on my favorites that I check periodically during the day. Just to see if there are new posts. Or new comments.

I do plan my blog :) I try to only put one post a day, because I'm afraid anything more and people won't comment (which seems pretty true so far). So if I have more than one good blogging idea in a day, I'll take a note on my phone and save it for later.

I do love blogging, now that I'm doing it for the reason of just keeping up with friends. Before, I'd have a hard time keeping up with posts and I'd get frustrated that a million people weren't commenting. But then I was only focusing it on my writing. Now that I'm just trying to be a human, I can blog almost every day and it's fun. And I can still sneak in stuff about my writing every once in a while.

I try to blog every day, or almost every day, so people can keep up on me. And I stay on the edge of my chair (well, not really, I kind of sit back, sometimes with a leg folded under) waiting for new posts from my friends. It's fun. And you're not crazy. And I only laugh because you're funny.

Rhia Jean said...

Ha-ha Matthew. And just so you know, Kansas City is the top city for number of hits on my blog. I don't think it's creepy. Don't worry. :)

Amber said...

I love blogging - most of the time.

Now I look at a situation or outing and start creating my post in my head. Everything is now seen through my blogger glasses, or blog-o-vision.

Some times I hate it. I hate that I can't stop checking my stats or comments or thinking of a new post. Then when I fall out of the habit, like the last 2 weeks, I hate that I have nothing to say.