Monday, August 24, 2009

A Letter To...Well, Maybe You

Dear all you people who put your profile pic on facebook as that Obama Joker Face picture,

I understand that you are trying to make a statement that you don't like Obama and what he is doing, but I am begging you, please put up a picture of you! I know you don't look like Obama as the Joker. It creeps me out every time you post something (and inevitably, you all do...frequently) and I have to see that picture. It looks worse than the Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace) Joker. Scarier in fact. And that is just what you are going for isn't it? Isn't there a better way to get your point across than to oog me out like that? If anyone else decides to do this, I will click the "Hide" button so I don't have to see you anymore and then none of your anti-Obama propoganda will reach my eyes. Okay, let's compromise. How about replacing his head with the cartoon Joker face? Same point gets across, but not as creepy. Deal? Deal.

Your facebook friend forever (or until I delete you...or you delete me),

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not One Of My Better Ideas

Well, as you all know, I love my blog...I love it even more when people read it. And the more people that read it, the more I love it. So I thought it would be a good idea to import my blog onto facebook as a note. That way, it's like one stop shopping. Sounds like a good idea right? Wrong! At least, wrong for me anyways. Some of my fb friends just don't get it. They don't get my humor and/or sarcasm and/or whininess that comes out on my blog posts because I haven't talked to them in...well...years. And let's face it, some people just don't get it period. For instance, in the post previous to this one, I wrote about my experience at Home Depot yesterday to which one of my fb friends replied:

"The women's lib movement caused this and other occurances like this. Plus did you ask them for help?"

Well, this comment irked me, so I replied:

"Ummm...I wasn't a part of the women's lib movement thanks. Nor do I think that people not being courteous to other people was caused by women wanting to be treated as people and not accessories. My problem wasn't that they didn't offer to help, it was that they stood there and waited until I didn't need it anymore to offer. It could have been a woman and I would have felt the same way."

Maybe I should have been a little nicer, but...well...I really don't care about what this person thinks of me.

Okay, and speaking of which, where have all the fun people on fb gone? I am completely bored by all the status updates about really sweet husbands and family trips and babies and how tired so and so is or what they ate for lunch...etc... Not that I don't care about all that stuff, but can't we be a little more creative? Facebook used to be it's just mundane.

I think I'm a little grumpy...maybe I should go take a nap...or read my scriptures...or something.

P.S. I have removed my blog from importing into my notes on fb...sorry, no more one stop shopping people! :(

I Really Hate It When... are standing there at Home Depot in front of a shelf of hard to reach 60 lb. bags of cement and there are two grown men standing 5 ft. away from you who don't offer to help until they see you about to fall over under the weight of something that weighs half as much as you. "No, I don't need your help...anymore, I've got it...thanks."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Know...

...sometimes a girl doesn't want to be pushed away, she wants to be pursued.

...sometimes a girl doesn't want to make you feel bad, but wants to make you feel happy again.

...sometimes a girl doesn't want you to let go, she wants you to hold on real tight.

...sometimes a girl doesn't want you to back off, but wants you to step up.

I mean, I'm just sayin'.


...if you know anyone in Montana or South Dakota, could you please tell them to click on my blog? Cause those are the only two white spots left on my google analytics map for the U.S. (and of course it's driving me nuts!)

Also, if you know anyone in Serbia, Ukraine, Lithuania, or Latvia, asking them to click on my bloggie would be cool too. Then I could have all of Europe.'s like I'm playing Risk or something huh?