Saturday, March 1, 2008


I love my Miata. Plain and simple. It goes fast, I hardly ever have to be the one to drive when with friends, it's just the right size for me, it's cute, and did I mention that it goes fast? (Think younger Ricky Bobby here from Talladega Nights, "I wanna go fast!")

So, I was at Sonic yesterday with the windows down enjoying my lettuce wrap (because seriously, there were maybe two peices of chicken in it, half of a slice of tomato, and a whole lotta lettuce) and right in front of me a red Mazda Miata passes. Except this was no ordinary Miata. This Miata had a trailer hitch. Yes folks, a trailer hitch. Now I am sure you are asking yourself the very same question I was asking myself right then: What on earth can a Miata tow? We are talking about a car that shakes when the wind blows hard! It wasn't built with horsepower in mind here! After some thought and posing this question to a few friends, I've come up with a list of things that I think a Miata can tow:


red wagon

baby stroller (minus the baby of course)



grocery cart

lawn mower

pair of roller skates

maybe a person on roller blades ("It would be really nice if you could pull me into town")

Please feel free to add to the list.

On another note, I was watching TV with some friends tonight and an advertisement came on for a CD of inspirational music (you know, songs like "Awesome God" and "God is in the House") and someone voiced the thought: I wonder if Muslims have inspirational music too? Hmmmm...


Alison said...

"Dear Lord, Baby Jesus, do Muslims have inspirational songs about towing you in your baby stroller behind their shiny red Mazda Miata?" *said in Ricky Bobby voice*

But, seriously, it would be really nice if you could pull me into town.

Molly said...

I friggin love your car. Steve had a Miata a few cars ago. Please note that I said, "A few cars ago." He does cars like Amy Winehouse does drugs.

Tamara said...

What about a big wheel. I mean, I'm just thinking that when I was a little tyke, I always wanted to make mine go faster but couldn't quite break the "just barely faster than a crawl" barrier on my own power. Your idea seems like just the ticket.

WhiteEyebrows said...

My dad put a hitch on our toyota corolla. He pulls a little black trailer of ours on it - and recently we discovered that he probably destroyed the transmission doing so.

This person definitely has the "what if I have to pull something" disease. This is the disease that evidences itself whenever I ask someone why they're a 'truck person.' "Well, what if I have to pull something???"

So... when I have to pull things I 1) really truly consider how important it is that it get pulled somewhere 2) wonder if I can't get someone else to do it for me 3) then, if it really still needs pulling, borrow a truck to do it with. No need in making a 20-40k investment "just in case I need to pull something."

Jason said...

If my scooter breaks down could you tow me to the auto garage?

Matthew said...

I saw a red Miata convertible on the road today (cute little thing) with a bicycle on the back. The bike was longer than the car was wide, and taller. I thought of this post when I saw it.