Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Not Carla!

Basically, I just wanted to blog because I'm really kind of sick of that Care Bears picture popping into view every time I look at my blog and I'm sure you are all sick of it too. This blog really does have a purpose and a focus though, so let me get to it...

I am the new librarian at my school this year and I love it, love it, LOVE IT! It's pretty much the best job ever in my opinion. I love reading and sharing and finding and talking about books all day. That may sound boring to some of you, but for a book-a-holic, it's nothing short of greatness. Most librarians would agree with me. In fact, I have yet to meet one that wouldn't agree with me. Even the old librarian, Carla, misses it and comes back to visit every once in a while. Which brings me to my next point...Carla. She was amazing. A-mazing. Now, I don't know about any of you, but trying to follow in the footsteps of someone who was amazing, is not an easy thing for a beginner to do. It is slightly intimidating. Okay, it's really intimidating. I just don't like to think about it because then I get discouraged. Now, I'm not berating myself or anything, I know that I'm doing the best I can and that I'm learning as I go and I know that everyone else knows that too. My school family is wonderful and supportive and I love them to death.

But there is this one teacher. She's not really even a teacher, she's an aide that only works at our school half-time. We'll call her Mrs. N. Mrs. N. like to point out things to me that Carla used to do that I don't do. For instance, the teacher work room is in the back of the library, and for anyone who has ever worked in a school before, you know that the teachers are just as bad as the kids about cleaning up after themselves. Mrs. N. comes out of the teacher work room one day and announces to me, "Oh, I'm so glad I got that all straightened up in there. That took me forever!" To which I reply, "Oh, thanks. I haven't even been in there all week long. It's been kind of busy this week." Mrs. N. says, "Well, Carla used to keep that straightened up back there." I think, "No she didn't. I was a teacher at this school last year and spent a considerable amount of time in the work room that was hardly ever straight and organized." I don't say that though. Instead I say, "*sigh* I'm trying Mrs. N. I'm sorry." I know I shouldn't have to apologize, but sometimes people just say things to you in a way that makes you feel guilty at the moment and that's how I felt, so I apologized for not being Carla at that moment. Then Mrs. N. says, "Oh, well that's okay. You're still learning your job. We can't expect you to do everything." Really? Is that why you just made me feel guilty for not being amazing? And since when is cleaning up after other people one of my job requirements?

And here's the biggie...the plants. Mrs. N. brought these plants for the library at the beginning of the year because she and Carla really liked them and Carla would water them and Carla would take care of them. Did I mention that I'm not Carla? Yeah, I like these plants too, but no I don't ever remember to water them and no, I don't have the foggiest idea how to take care of them other than watering them which I don't ever remember to do. I'm pretty sure I've actually killed one of them. So on Thursday of last week, Mrs. N. comes through the library and reminds me to water the plants before I leave. Actually she reminded me all week long but I was waiting for Thursday so that I could give them lots of water before Spring Break. Guess what I forgot to do on Thursday before I left?

I think I'm going to invest in some fake plants for the library.


Alison said...

Girl, teachers are pigs! My co-worker is always disgusted when she looks in the fridge. She cleans it out every couple of weeks and gripes about it the entire time. (I don't use the fridge, because it's gross--only the freezer for my frozen dinner.) I also kill any living plant. I only own fake plants. I highly recommend them.

Oh, and next time Mrs. N comes in to tell you how horrible you are because you're not Carla, just say, "Hum, well, guess it's a good thing I have you around. You obviously have so much time to spare, since you're ONLY an aide that works part time. Cause now, I know who to call to come clean up and water the plants. Thanks! you're a peach!" and then walk off. hehe. If only you could say that. sigh.

Got Bombshell? said...

Sounds like Ms. N should start watering the plants if they were her idea and are her plants. Lazy, Ms. N, lazy.

R Matthew Ware said...

I kind of agree with Alison. You should come up with a tactful answer, in advance, to tell her to do it herself. Something like, "Oh, I've never been good with plants. When you're in here, do you mind giving them a little water. I'm afraid that if you try to teach me, I'll just kill them. And if we both try to water them that might kill them too. Thanks, you're the bestest!"

From a fellow plant-killer, I've had this bamboo plant since before I was married, and it's still alive! They're wonderful, don't get too big, and stay green all year round.

Maybe with the work room you should put up a sign that says "clean up after yourself". They won't, but it can excuse you when it's a mess. It's like those signs on the work fridge or microwave that tell people to clean up after themselves, and that their mother doesn't work there. You know they'll still trash everything, but it won't be your fault.

Today's word verification word is: asybbfwz. It is a synonym for Mrs. N.

Tamara said...

Down with Mrs. N!

And all other passive agressives like her that seem bent on making the rest of the world feel inferior without admitting that they may not be perfect themselves.

drfindley said...

as Tamara said, down with haters. I have found the best way to shut up the guilt imposers it to call them out on something. My co-worker would often talk about how everyone should be doing this and doing that. I'd mention one thing he had forgotten (bonus points if it was also on his list.