Friday, March 14, 2008

Care Bears Stare!


If you were a Care Bear, what would be on your tummy?

What do you think would be on my tummy? I haven't found my brain yet so I can't think of anything.


Alison said...

I left a comment on Erica's blog about this. I decided that my tummy symbol would be a pen.

Yours would be . . . hum . . . FLAMES! Cause, you Rhia and you on fi-ya! (I spelled it right this time.) :D

Tamara said...

I think mine would be ice cream. First, because it's indicative of what's probably already in my belly and second b/c even the thought of ice cream, well actually sorbet, puts me in a better mood.

In fact, now that I mention it, I'm starved. Where do I get some gelato around this joint?

R Matthew Ware said...

Um...a skull and crossbones? I'm such a rebel :)

Erica said...

Sadly I think my tummy would have IMDB as it's source of power. Maybe with a brownie.

Got Bombshell? said...

My tummy would have a picture of an open-toe platform pump. In kelley green. With white polka-dots... Reminiscent of some Marc Jacobs' that I never got to own but saw once and longed for.

Amber said...

Your tummy would be a car leaving behind tire tracks (road rage rhia)

Mine would be jagged slash marks made by someone like Wolverine (angry amber)

Marrisa's would be a dagger (murdering marrisa)

You know what's scary...we wouldn't be Care Bears at all, we would be Trixie Chicks!

Amber said...

ok, 4 wheels now and not for face.

Mine would be a flower because I would brighten up the day by spreading flowers everywhere - specifically daises!

Yours would be a coke because if you could buy the world a coke it would put a smile on everyones face!