Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'll Never Let Go Jack!

There's only one guy that can make me calm when life is crazy, can remove a brain tumor in under 30 minutes, can make a mean hamburger, can save the world in under 24 hours, can get off a deserted island by strapping two giant turtles together and riding them out to sea (or so they say), can strike fear into the heart of all giants, can make me laugh uncontrollably when playing a guitar, and that will wade the icy waters of the Atlantic so the woman he loves has a chance at living.

I'ts Jack...

Jack Johnson
Jack Sheppard
Jack in the Box
Jack Bauer
Jack Sparrow
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack Black
Jack Dawson

What would this world be like without him? *sigh*


Alison said...

You know, I've always liked the name Jack. Now I know why.

Oh, don't you love how Jack Bauer always talks in an intense whisper, no matter the situation, unless he's yelling, in which case it still seems to be just a louder, raspy whisper.

The only Jack I do NOT like on this list, is Jack Dawson. *yack* I know this information could sever our friendship, but . . . I HATE Titanic. I'm sorry! It makes me literally sick to my stomach. Other than that, I'm with ya. :)

R Matthew Ware said...

The main character in a story I'm writing is named Jack :)

Emily Anne said...

RBI, I am not sure I know who Jack Sheppard is although I feel like I should. I have always known about your love for Jack (in the Box and Dawson) but I didnt realize there were so many more to love. We don't have Jack in the Box out here. Isn't that awful?

Got Bombshell? said...

Good list!

Rhia Jean said...

Matthew Fox (*ahem* Foxy) plays Jack Sheppard on Lost.