Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goal #1 of the 2010-2011 School Year

Okay, so this school year, one of my goals was to bring my lunch every day so I could avoid paying $2 for a lunch from the cafeteria which provides little to no nutrition and is less than appetizing.

I made it two weeks.

Yesterday I bought my first school lunch and could barely choke down the frito pie. The corn I took one bite of and then decided I was done.

Today was "chicken" sandwich with mac and cheese and sliced apples. I managed to get the "chicken" sandwich down with half a bottle of Sunkist, the mac and cheese was okay but I just wasn't in the mood for it and the apples tasted like floor cleaner.

I wish Jamie Oliver would come to our school and do a food revolution. I'm sure he would have no opposition.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Erika's Theory: Put A Lid On It

Last week my good friend Porter and I were discussing dating, guys, and the universe in general when she shared her "Lids Theory" with me. It's something that she and her sister came up with (I am secretly jealous of the things she and her sister come up with) and so I asked her to type it up and I'd post it here for everyone in the internet world to read and consider. It rang true to me, but lets see how it sits with you...

Put A Lid On It by E.P.

Years ago, my sister and I noticed that the individuals we knew that walked to the beat of a different drummer seemed to find their “special someone” much sooner than, say…us…and other of our more normal friends. And, before you get up in arms, let me assure you that I realize that “normal” doesn’t really exist and that no one is normal. I recognize that everyone is a little crazy and life is about finding compatible psychosis. But for now, go with me on this.

We decided that it all comes back to the cliché: “There’s a pot for every lid.”

Imagine yourself a saucepan, and that you’re trying to find the lid in a jumbled box. Now, if you are a star-shaped pot, it’s much easier to find the star shaped lid in the box of round and rectangular lids. But, if you are a more well -rounded pot, it takes more time to find the right fit. Add to that the complexity of pot quality, metal composition, etc. and it’s no surprise that so many amazing people are still looking for their pots/lids! Maybe my pot’s stuck in a dishwasher somewhere…or in the middle of the stack in someone’s dark cupboard…