Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are Ya With Me?

So the theme for this blog will be my adventures in house hunting. Just so you know, I have found something and it is super duper cute but I am not going to post a picture or give you all the details just yet. I feel like I would be jinxing myself or something. It has happened extremely fast and has gone pretty much perfectly so I'm standing by because I know I'm going to have to pay my dues in trials and tribulations soon. Not that I'm trying to be pessimistic or miscount my blessings or anything, but I'm just not used to getting blessings for free. So pics and details will come when things are set in stone and I have fully signed my life away.

Okay, so lets use Elmer Fudd hunting as a metaphor for house hunting. You know how he always says, "Be vewy vewy quite. We are hunting wabbits!" or some nonsense like that? Well, this is how it went with house hunting: "Be vewy vewy qui--bang! Got it!" Yep, that fast. I looked at the house for the first time a week ago today. See why I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall?

My realtor is...interesting. First of all, I found my house, it was the first one I looked at, and I fell in love immediately. So all she has done really is the paperwork for which I will gladly pay her because I hate not only paperwork, but paper as well (including copy machines and sometimes printers). God invented computers for a reason and that reason is not so we can print off everything that we see on the computer. I'm just sayin'.
She also has this saying: "Are ya with me?" She'll say it after she explains something but leaves off the end. Like I'm supposed to guess what comes next or what she is meaning (which I rarely do but I always say yes so she won't go into further "Are ya with me?"s that will only confuse me more). After she says "Are ya with me?" she leans forward just a smidge and stares at me with her mouth half open and after a 2 second pause, she starts to nod her head like she sees that I understand. It's very odd behavior. I really wish someone was there to witness this with me, but alas, this is my burden to carry alone and you can all join in the fun when everything is finalized.

I ran into Ben today. He's gone a bit grizzly since our last encounter on Mother's Day. I was walking across the parking lot and I passed him. I didn't recognize him with his facial hair, but he said hello to me and asked me how I was and then turned around and walked with me claiming that he forgot where he parked (we have parking spaces on both sides of our building and he remembered that he parked in the other one so he had to go back through the building to the other side). He asked me how school was to which I replied that it was fine but it was also summer (which many many people forget...I don't know how you could forget that it is summer when it is 100 plus degrees and you literally start baking once you step outside, but people do). He then told me that he was going to go back to school to study law (last time it was oceanography) to which I replied "Great." and kept walking. We exchanged a few more pleasantries and then I said goodbye and went down my hall to my apartment door and he went the other way to the parking lot.
I'm gonna miss my interesting neighbors. I'll do a little spying when I move so I'll have something fun to blog about.

Oh, and my realtor gave me bumps today. You know, like fist bumps. I wasn't quite sure what to do when she put her fist in front of me. I guessed she wanted bumps, and luckily I guessed right. And it wasn't just one bump, it was three. Three bumps. I think she thought we got a good deal with the house.

And, (one more thing about the realtor) I told her I had a cat and for some reason she got in her head a picture of me with a glass of tea on the backporch with Millie whom she affectionately calls "Kitty". "Oh I can just picture you and Kitty out here after work drinking your glass of tea." "I can see that you're tired. You've been at work all day. You get home to Kitty and think about blah blah blah." "And Kitty can have her chair here." It's just too funny when she talks about Kitty that I don't have the heart to tell her that not only do I not drink tea but my cat gets no preferential treatment. "Kitty" has to fight for attention with the computer, my phone, the TV, an entire bookshelf of great literature, and my love of sleeping in.



Tamara said...

Does this mean you won't be using the butterfly room?

Just kidding. I'm so excited for you and I'm so glad it went so smoothly. I can't wait to see the pics. Where is your new house?

Rhia Jean said...

Sadly, I will not be using the butterfly room. :( The house is in Garland.

Matthew said...

The last sentence, in caps, with exclamation points, just really did it for me :)

We learned that a realtor is pretty good at getting you into houses. Without ours, we'd never have gotten past those pesky locks. Of course they also get you to the closing, and millions of sheets of paperwork that you have to sign in blue ink (which proves they aren't copies, or at least that the copier in question has color capabilities). They were nice, though. It was a husband wife duo that didn't really seem to know much about houses. Or they kept their mouths shut, knowing we were looking at really ghetto houses and didn't have the heart to tell us.

And do the pedophile search for your new neighborhood. Not that doing that will keep new pedophiles from moving in later. We were pretty clean on our block until a few weeks ago when one moved in three doors down. Not to freak you out or anything. Sex offenders usually move in to loser neighborhoods like ours, not nice ones like the one I'm sure you're moving into.

Emily Anne said...

I'm happy for you and hope Gor neighborhood is less ghetto than ours. Plus, I'm a bit jealous you found something right away and we looked at far too many repossessed by the bank, destroyed, smell like pee, houses with holes in the walls and unfinished rooms. I can't wait to see it. Can we still come visit in December?

My verification is ekdreomh, which interpreted is eel, my dream home.

Rhia Jean said...

Em, I looked at a couple of nasty homes, but miraculously was led straight to this one first. I knew I wouldn't find anything nicer, so I went with it. As for the ghetto neighborhood, that is still to be determined. And yes, you can still come visit in December. In fact, you better!

The Patton Family said...

Good luck with all the house stuff!! I sure hate the whole buying a house process and moving, but once you've gotten over that, it's so nice! Can't wait to see pics!

Got Bombshell? said...

Congrats! I LOVE the fist-bumping realtor story! Classic!

Alison said...

So, will you and Kitty also be smoking cigarrettes out of those fluted holders (like Cruella DeVille) whilst sippin' on that ice tea in the back yard? What the? Is this woman on drugs? :S

No, really congratulations!! That is a big step, and it's cool that you could do that all on your own. :)