Saturday, June 21, 2008

i (Heart) Tunes

So I'm sitting here getting all caught up on blog reading and listening to my iTunes and I just thought it was funny how it goes from Metro Station (kind of upbeat beebop can mock me...i like it) then it goes to Micheal Buble (who I like to call My-kul Bubble...who sounds a lot like Frank Sinatra) to the soundtrack of the TV show Lost. Just a random thought. Just thought I would share that.

Otherwise, I would like to spend a few minutes on Why Kids Pout. I would like to share with you two experiences I observed this week of kids pouting (only two you say? I know, I'm lucky...I don't have kids yet). First was this little girl that came to the bookstore with her family. She wanted everything but nothing was what she wanted and she would not be consoled. When they came up to pay, her mother informed us that she was pregnant and they had had the ultrasound earlier that day. The little girl was upset because she was getting a little brother and she wanted a little brother AND a little sister.
Second was tonight. I was at Blockbuster looking for a movie or 3 and this kid walks by me with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face saying, "They let someone else have all the Jaws movies."

That's about all the excitement I've had this week.


Matthew said...

I think I already told you about how we got tired of Jack FM, so I put a bunch of songs on a playlist on my iPod (364 in all) and I put it on shuffle. Sometimes you get a fun mix. I've got everything from Cake, to the soundtrack for Rent, and Garth Brooks. Good stuff. I've even got some Madonna and Michael Jackson (form Emily's collection).

Will is in full pout mode. If he doesn't get his way, he crumples his face and cries, only there are rarely tears. Today, while wating to get into a restaurant, he decided to push over this little girl. Twice. After the second time he got his hand smacked and got to spend some time on daddy's lap. He hates being restricted so maybe he'll associate pushing little girls down with restriction. I don't know. He's my experimental baby. The next one will get a much better raising.

And I have to ask, do you have the Red Box down there yet? It's this magical box that often stands outside McDonald's where you can rent a movie for $1 a day. We're loving it. The grocery store we go to got rid of their stock of movies and just put one in. Sure, they don't have the extensive stock Blockbuster has, and very few titles that aren't newer release, but still pretty nice. It beats Blockbuster's $4 per rental tag.

The Patton Family said...

OH I could go on and on about the most ridiculous things that my kids will pout over. My fav is when they are fighting over something stupid like a toy, the one that doesn't end up with the toy says "I'm not your friend anymore!" and they stomp off. It's classic! Especially when Conner says it, cuz he says it like "I'm not your friend anymore bru-ber" (brother, he can't really say brayden too well yet, so he calls him brother) Or even better, when they don't get their way with me, they tell me I'm not their friend anymore. It's a crushing blow!

Emily Anne said...

As an adult, I enjoy pouting every once in a while. A good wallowing in self pitty and pouting is good for the soul. As a mother, it drives me crazy when Will pouts because his usually comes with loud wailing.

I love iTunes. That is all.

Alison said...

My youngest nephew juts his jaw out and bares his bottom teeth when unhappy. He's very serious, but it makes me laugh.

Em's end said...

Love the 'pouts'! Did you know that's what I want to be when I grow up ... a professional pouter?