Sunday, June 15, 2008

Have You Ever?

I know it's been a little while since I posted something new, or even interesting, or even funny, but life for me in the summer can get...well old, uninteresting, and boring. I LOVE IT! However, that might mean that my blogs are fewer and farer in betweener. However again, it's also going to be fun seeing what adventures pop up during the summer...hee-hee-hee.

Okay, so for this blog, I thought we could all play a game. It's called Have You Ever. Everyone knows this game...someone tells an of an experience that has happened to them and the people who are present and participating make it known if they have or have not had the same experience in some form or fashion. Personally I really don't like this usually causes embarrassment for me or awkwardness for other unfortunate souls. Fortunately, I am hiding behind a computer screen and therefore will be a little more bold in my have-you-evers. And fortunately for you, you have a choice of whether or not to participate or observe with no one giving you looks like you are a party pooper or an over-sharer. So here goes...and by the way, all of these things really happened to me this past week...yay!

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought shallow, petty, mean thoughts about the person in the photograph only to realize a second later that it is a picture of you 10 years ago?
I went with my mom on Wednesday to pick up about 15 rolls of film that she found when cleaning and as I was looking through pictures taken at Christmas 10 years ago, I thought "Who is that sitting in the corner? She looks like a man. That is an awful sweater. Very unfortunate for her...oh...that's me." Why didn't anyone tell me I looked so awful? How grateful I am to my girlie-girl friends who have instilled in me at least a small amount of fashion sense in the last 10 years!

Have you ever sat next to someone in church and their breath was so foul that you had to look away to breathe while singing a hymn?
Yeah, it was really that bad today in Relief Society. Four verses never seemed so long...

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee so bad you thought you might wet yourself but then were so tired that you fell back asleep?
No, I didn't wet the bed. I'm a pro at holding it...any teacher (or former teacher) is.

Have you ever mourned the absence of a vegetable?
I'd really like to have a word with the person or persons that ruined all my tomatoes...seriously! I'm dying here because you decided to relieve yourself in the fields and not even rinse your hands off! No, I'm not sick, I just really really really really really miss tomatoes.

Have you ever made something and instead of eating it fresh, put it in the fridge because you knew it would be better the next day?
Buitoni ravioli and marinara sauce...Target...soooooo good!!!!

Have you ever had to try to explain to someone that you don't want to go to an activity because you don't want to be a part of their social group?
I have had 3 e-mails, 1 phone call, 2 personal invitations, and 1 paper invitation to this stinkin' prom event...

Have you ever had to wash your hair 3 times to get it clean?
I went to a water park yesterday and while I am very proud that I managed to have fun AND avoid a sunburn, my hair was so incredibly disgusting when I got home last night. Even now, it still doesn't feel clean. *shiver*

And that concludes our festivities for tonight... :)


Matthew said...

This sounds like a fun interblog game. Yeah, in person, it could be, uh, embarassing. Like the question everyone has to ask "what was the most embarassing time of your life?" I'm not gonna tell because it's embarassing.

But we're protected my hundreds of miles of wiring, so here goes:

1. Bad pics: On the mission I had a similar occurence. I was in the car with three other missionaries and we passed this guy walking down the street. I think he caught my attention because he was wearing street clothes under a black trench coat. Not the best look. I mentioned that he was a pretty ugly guy, only to have three other missionaries tell me they thought he looked just like me. 'Don't judge lest thou be judged' and whatnot.

2. Ew, the smell is haning on: I had a mission companion and we would stand by the door to pray before going out. When it was his turn to pray, I would have to turn my body away because his breath was THAT bad.

3. Words that begin with 'P': Yeah, I've had that. It's like, I know I have to go, but I'm so tired. It'll wait. I'll just pee extra good the next time I wake up.

4. Mourning veggies: I was at Taco Bell and ordered a 7-layer burrito, which ended up being a 6-layer burrito, and a crunchwrap supreme, which was also lacking my chopped, red friend. Back at work I mentioned it and someone asked, "if they're not giving you tomatoes, are they charging you less?" I hadn't thought about it until then, but yeah. If they're not selling me a tomato, and therefore not buying them, shouldn't I get a break in price? Or at least a little more rice? It's always the tomatoes that suffer...

5. Morning meals: I don't think I've ever refridgerated a cooked meal just to enjoy it cool, but pizza can often be better chilled that hot.

6. But I'll have to be nice and pretend I'll care: So I graduated high school in the class of '99, which means ten year reunion is coming up in another year. Do I have ANY desire to go? Nope. Do I really need to see a bunch of people I haven't really though of in 9 years? Do I really want to go back to a time where I wasn't very self-confident or popular? I have my friends now, and I don't need to go back and find people that probably wouldn't care much about me.

7. Rinse and repeat, and repeat, and repeat: Occasionally, yeah. You just feel grungy and you just can't make it better. Until tomorrow. Tomorrow you'll be just fine.

Emily Anne said...

1. I have never looked at picture and not known it was me, but I have looked back and asked "why didn't anyone tell me I looked that bad?"

2. I have had bad breath experiences when I was working at KU in 2002 or so. Some people get too close after lunch, and I'm sorry , but some people should have a toothbrush and toothpaste at their desk and use it often. In todays world of oral hygiene products, there is no excuse.

3. I must admit that if I wake up and have to pee I just have to get up and go. It doesent matter if it is 3 minutes before my alarm goes off or 3 hours, I have to get up then. I am very good at getting right back to sleep after peeing in the middle of the night.

4. I didn't even know about the tomato thing until Matt said something about Taco Bell and no tomatoes. I don't think I have ever loved tomatoes as much as you, Rhia. I do love a bell pepper though, and would be very upset if they became contaminated and went away.

5. If I cook, I eat, even if it will be better tomorrow, like my grandmothers spaghetti. It is always better the next day. That just means you make a huge pot and eat some tomorrow too.

6. I was never popular enough to have any personal knowledge of this one. Sorry. Glad you are super popular, though.

7. I put some temporary color in my hair that didn't come out like I wanted so I washed my hair like a million times in one shower, does that count?

Over and out.

WhiteEyebrows said...

1. I always look at pictures and wonder, "How was I ever that nerdy?" The sad thing is, I will probably look at pictures 5 years from now and still ask the same question...

2. try singing next to old people for HOURS on end... if it isn't stinky at the start, it always is by the end.

3. I can't hold it. ever. everytime I have to go, it's an emergency.

4. I too am horrified by the tomato incident. Sandwiches have not been the same since.

5. What is cooking? I was recently informed by my mom that my kitchen was a "show kitchen"

6. I've never had to come right out and request a release from someone's social group, but as one who is supposed to be the getting people to go to these types of church activities, I give them mad props for their persistence and dedication. With me, you only get one invite, if that...

7. I'm just grateful I still have hair.

Erica said...

2. Old people are rotting from the inside out. It's a fact. I think. Anyways Ewww! I got your back on that one.

4. I almost died when my precious spinach was taken from me. If you want tomatoes they are serving them like it's going out of style at Children's cafeteria. I have had them every day for two weeks now. Not even kidding.

5.Pancake batter always is better the second day. I keep lasagna too. Mmmm.....if I can resist either one once the hard labor is over and the kitchen smells good.

7. I am the queen of OCD hair washing. in High school I used to wash it twice a day but I have stopped myself now. When I am somewhere humid, I pretty much rewash my hair all day. I think when I came back from that campout last summer with no showers etc I washed my hair like 5 times and it still smelled like smoke. ARG!

Alison said...

Ah, Rhia, I've miss you! sigh.

1. I have not done that, BUT one time I woke up in the middle of the night at my friend's house and went to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, I scared myself. Ha! :D

2. I got three words for ya: moth ball breath. *shudder*

3. Yes, girl, I have been too tired to pee. Done that many a time.

4. I don't mourn veggies. I would miss fruit, though, very much.

5. My mother's potato salad. Holla for the 4th of July buffet that it will be at!!

6. Yes, I have avoided like the plague. But honestly, I usually will show up to things if invited. I do support. Not all the time, but most times. I would not be supporting the prom event however. No way!

7. Yeah, usually after I've been in an environment with saturated with smoke (cigarette or camp fire).