Friday, June 27, 2008

And I Quote...

(Alison, you have inspired me to write in this style.)

So yesterday and today I have been sitting in class. It is my last class for my master's degree and the first one I have had to go to campus for. I was kinda grumbly about having to drive to Denton and actually meet people in my class and listen to my professor lecture, but it has totally been worth it. My class is a storytelling class and the professor is a professional storyteller who looks part hippie, part old lady, part hick. This woman is hi-larious! I was so caught up in what she was saying yesterday that I didn't write anything down. When I got home last night and was blogging I thought, "I need to blog about this woman." So, today, as she was imparting her little gems of wisdom to us, I got out my pen and paper and this is what I captured:

"Oh! A revenge story! I didn't even know I needed a revenge's Friday!"

"This sucks big hairy tea bags."

"Some libraries are so small you can't whip a cat without getting hair in your mouth."

"I come from a long line of revival preachers - I can talk forever."

"I can barely walk and chew gum."

"If you want a good seat on an airplane, come on wearing this." (speaking of a jester's hat she was wearing)

"We don't want to break the law unless we know it and have planned it."

And this is my absolute FAVORITE!

(She's relating the story of standing in Central Park ready to tell some stories and the microphone stand keeps sliding down everytime she pulls it back up and tightens the knob thing on the side)
"Must be a male microphone."

Maybe I'll have a few more tomorrow or the next time we meet in two weeks. Who knew graduate school could be this entertaining?


Em's end said...

I should've brought some popcorn to go with my milduds! So what grade did you get for these two days of original and inspiring class?

Matthew said...

I laughed. It was funny.

Some people are so gifted with speaking (or just comfortable with themselves) that you can just listen for hours without realizing any time has passed. On the other hand, some people are so mind-numbingly boring (I might be in that camp, I haven't been asked to speak in sacrament meeting since I've been married) that a minute feels like an hour.

Rhia Jean said...

I don't get grades for attending class...just enlightenment. Well, I probably get some kind of overall participation grade for showing up, so I guess that means so far I have an A+.

Alison said...

Ok, I loved the one about the library and the cat. hehe. Also, the mic story was wonderful. :)

Question: Does she have long gray hair and travel around all over the place doing her storytelling? 'Cause we had a storyteller come this last year and she was great. I'm wondering if it's the same person. Hum . . .

Rhia Jean said...

Yes, she does. Her name is Elizabeth Ellis. Recognize her name?

Emily Anne said...

This cracked me up. I love the big hairy tea bags comment. I think I am going to have to use that in conversation sometime. Rhia, you always have the best stories. Are you going to become a storyteller? If you do, do I have to pay to see you?

Tamara said...

All I can say is I got jipped on grad school BIG TIME! The only entertainment I got out of it was trying to figure out new ways of rendering myself unconscious with my laptop during particularly boring lectures!

Alison said...

That might be her! Hum, I'd need to see a picture. Think you could take one with your phone and send it to me? :D just kidding . . . in case you couldn't tell.