Monday, June 9, 2008


I have officially started with the house hunting process. I sent in my application a few minutes ago to the loan officer and I don't know why, but I'm all jittery and nervous now. I've talked about buying a house for over a year now and I'm finally getting it done and I'll be honest...I'm scared to death. What if they look at my finances and laugh, "Are you kidding? You want to buy a house with this? Did you want it with or without wheels?" What if the only thing I can afford wreaks like mold and is infested with roaches? What if a bunch of drug dealers or Satan worshipers move in next door to me? How will I keep Millie away from them? What if the ceiling caves in on me one night while I'm sleeping...or worse when I'm in the shower? I'm just a little nervous about these and a million other things I haven't thought of yet.

It's just that I've never spent so much money or bought anything so expensive or grown up. I just wish that I had someone to talk it over with and make the decision with and experience the whole process with. Where is my eternal companion anyways? Why isn't he here for this? What could be more important than your future wife's first home? When I find him, we are having a discussion about all the scary things I have had to do on my own and what he was doing that was so important that he wasn't there for them. He better not be playing video games. I'm just sayin'.

Anyways, I will promise to all of my readers out there that I hereby solemnly swear to never decorate with fishes and to not house my beer can collection under the front porch.


Matthew said...

I think you just described our house/neighborhood :)

I think by the time you've bought a house, you're pretty much set. All you'll need your future companion for is killing spiders.

Alison said...

Wow, you did it, you made me laugh out loud for a good minute with that paragraph about your EC. Ha! Seriously, it is a good question: what WAS so important? Hum . . . :)

Thank goodness you will not be decorating with fish or beer cans. Although, both have their rustic appeal if you know what I'm sayin'.

Erica said...

Your EC is such a bum. To leave you to buy a house alone! For shame! He better not be from Arkansas is all I can say. Or maybe he can be so we can get the hook-up for more beer-can tarp homes to go look at. They are endlessly amusing.

Emily Anne said...

I took care of someone who was a Satanist (or Satan worshiper because I'm not sure satanist is right) at the hospital back when I worked. He looked totally creepy, but was the nicest patient I had that week. I would be more concerned with sex offenfers- we have one two doors down from us. I'm sure you will get a lovely house, you may just have to work harder to find one.

Advice: make sure you get an inspection before comitting 100% to buy. Oh, and don't buy a 100 year old house, they suck! The end.

Lori said...

Rhia Jean! How exciting for you . . . don't be nervous! You'll be great with the house hunting. If you need a trustworthy real estate agent to help you I know a pretty reliable one (my sister in Frisco!) Happy house hunting! If all else fails, you can come live with us. :-)

WhiteEyebrows said...

While I certainly am no EC replacement, here's my 2 cents if you haven't heard it yet... just make sure the floor plan is what you want. It's easy to change paint color or flooring, or kitchen appliances, but it's not easy to move walls around. So just look hard at the floor plan. I was super-shocked at how many stupid ones there were out there.

I'd love to go house hunting with you some time, if you need an imposing figure to frighten the small neighborhood children.

Tamara said...

You should definitely take WE with you house hunting. He has impeccable taste! And I couldn't agree more about the floor plan. There are some seriously weird ones out there.

Meanwhile, here's my unsolicited advice. Take as much time as you need house hunting. People will tell you (much like dating) that you're too picky or you expect too much but this is a BIG INVESTMENT and if you look long enough, you'll find the perfect abode for you. I'm so glad you're gonna move!