Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nuthin' Fancy

So this blog will be full of completely unconnected random thoughts...I'm just warning you.

I feel that I need to just make it known to the world a few things that really annoy me...things that have happened in the past week. First, if I'm reading a book, please do not interrupt me to tell me about something that I don't care about. Second, I don't like being ignored. It really annoys me and makes me not ever want to talk to that person again. Third, I can't stand it when people tell me to watch my speed. I'M the one driving. If I wanna go fast, I know the possible consequences that may or may not occur. I'm willing to take that risk...I wanna go fast. I don't need to be reminded of the speed limit every time it changes...and I don't need you to honk the horn for me. Ever.

A friend mentioned to me this week that he thought I should write a book. I said no. I'm not quite sure what would come out if I attempted to write a fiction piece. I asked him why he thought I would be able to write a book. He said it was because I read so much. Hmmm...okay. I told him I have no idea what to write about because I like to read about things that I've never experienced and I don't feel qualified to write about things I don't know about. He asked for examples so I said that for instance, I have never fallen in love with a vampire. Another for instance is that I have never been a pioneer. Two of my favorite books fall into those categories. He then suggested that I write a book about a pioneer that falls in love with a vampire. Again, I said no.

I had the book fair this week at school and Mrs. N. came by to pick out some books she wanted to buy. She made a pile for herself and then added two other books and told me to tell her two daughters (who also work at the school) to buy them for her. So later on Mrs. N. and one of her daughters were in the library discussing something or another. I walked up to both of them with the books in my hand and said to the daughter "Hey, your mom wants you to buy these books for her." Mrs. N. got a chargined look on her face and just kind of smiled. Hey, if don't ask me to do your dirty work for you. I've got enough of my own to do.

Okay, for all of my friends with kids...I have some bad news. It's just day...they'll be teenagers.

Whoever thought of Monday holidays (like Memorial Day or MLK Day or Labor Day etc...) was a freakin' GENIUS!!!! I love 3 day weekends.


Matthew said...

I will never tell you how to drive. Unless I genuinely think you don't think you see the stopped traffic/red light ahead. Emily has had to catch me when I'm not paying attention. And drive the speed you want. It's not like I'm paying for the gas.

If you ever are interested in writing, let me know. I'll tell you what I've learned. If not, there's nothing wrong with being an avid reader. I enjoy tv, movies, and theater without ever wanting to do it as a career.

Yeah, someday Will's going to be a teenager. He's already developed a dominant personality. Scary.

And I think this country should change to a four day work week. I think it would save money from gas use and give people time away from work.

WhiteEyebrows said...

The reading/writing thing is reversed for me. I practically have to force myself to read stuff, but I enjoy writing quite a bit. Why is that? Maybe I just enjoy hearing my own voice a little too much.

Alison said...

Ha! A pioneer falling in love with a vampire. That's good. Oh, and let me just give you a boo-ya! for Mrs. N. She had it comin'. :D

Erika said...

I thought you were slick in how you slid in the heads-up to parents. Break it to them gently!

Tamara said...

I don't think you should feel compelled to writing a book. It might take away from your blog writing time and since I, for one, am addicted to your blog, that would really cramp my style. :)