Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LOST in love and I don't know much...

Okay, so I'm not really lost in love, but what I'm really trying to convey is that I love...Love...LOVE the TV show Lost. It takes up the entire right ventricle of my heart. I look forward to Thursday nights like a starving African child looks forward to a bowl of rice...okay, that was a little un-PC, but you get my point right? Good.
Since it is one of my great loves, I have my theories and predictions just as I do about the other great loves of my life. And since the season finale is tomorrow night, I thought I should make my theories known to the world.

If you haven't been watching Lost, or are not a fan, I'm sorry-the rest of this will be meaningless to you.

First of all: the Oceanic 6. Why those six? Here's what I think:

Sayid - easy, he is driving the little boat.
Jack - he's injured after his appendix being removed and will somehow further injure himself by trying to save Kate (remember he referred to that a few episodes back when we saw that Jack and Kate hook up in the future). So, Juliet will insist that Jack gets on the boat first since he is in (or will be in) critical condition.
Aaron - easy, he's a baby. Claire isn't with them (I'll get to that later) and that is why she isn't one of the 6. I'm sure someone will say something like, "Here, take Aaron. We'll send Claire on the next boat."
Sun - once again, easy. She's pregnant and Juliet and Jin will insist that she is on the first boat off the island in order to save her and her unborn child.
Kate - I can't figure out.
Hurley - I can't figure out.

Second: I think that Whitmore's freighter will get blown up or something. There is no way that Whitmore would take back survivors of a crash that he staged. Of course Whitmore isn't on the boat, but we know that he is sending his people to Hurley (at least) to try and find out the location of the island. The freighter people know already, so A) they must be dead and B) Whitmore wouldn't save them, set them free, and then hunt them down. He would just keep them until they gave up the location.

Third: Jacob still eludes me. I think he has some kind of way that he can make you see what he wants you to see...such as Walt in the jungle...or Claire smirking in the rocking chair...or a scary eye in the window so you'll go away.

Fourth: I think the source of Ben and Whitmore's fued is that Whitmore found the island, started the Dharma Initiative, and was using it to find out the island's secrets so he could make money off of it. Young Ben went traipsing through the jungle one day and decided to take the side of The Others. So it's The Others against the always has been and just as Jacob told Locke to move the island, he also told Ben to do the same thing and that is why Whitmore can't find it anymore.

Fifth: I think Ben has some way to teleport or something on and off the island. Think about it, he woke up in the middle of Tunisia in the desert in the same area they dug up the polar bear. Hmmm... Yeah right he took Desmond's boat!

Sixth: I really, really hope they don't leave us hangin' about what happens to the people who stay on the island!

Seventh: I LOVE the way Lost does season finales! Oh, they are so good every dang time!


Alison said...

Oh-oh-oh-oh!!!! This all greatness! I love all the theories. Any thoughts on the idea that the island is a metaphor for limbo? I think they put that one to rest awhile ago (the producers said "No way," but I still see how that could be a possiblity). I'm happy, happy, happy for tomorrow! hehe. :)

Rhia Jean said...

No, I don't think they are dead. It would just be too stupid...and plus, if they are then that would make Jacob like God and I'm just not goin' for that.

R Matthew Ware said...

I don't watch lost, I couldn't get through the pilot (though the dinosaur did :)

But you crack me up anyway.