Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello, My Name Is Rhia And I'm An Addict

It's true people. I have a real problem here. My addiction has taken over my life once again. Everything takes a backseat to it. Sleeping, eating, cleaning, socializing, my cat, everything. What, you may ask, is this insane addiction that I have that takes over my other responsibilities and priorities? Sadly, it's a good book. I just can't stop. I would be so happy if I could use Willy Wonka's giant chocolate bar making machine and blow the book up to gigantor size, cut out a little hole in the middle, and curl up inside of it. When I die, will someone please make sure that my coffin is in the shape of a book? Okay, never mind. That's taking it a little too far.'s the addiction speaking, not me.

It's just the only thing I want to It's the only thing I want to talk about..."Let me tell you about this book I'm reading...blah...blah...blah." It keeps me awake at night because I can (and have before) stayed up until the dawn reading. If it's a really good book, it won't put me to sleep. I have to put it down so that I can go to sleep.

My poor kitty. She just follows me around meowing and staring at me. She gets this glowering look on her face when she sees me yet again with...The Book. Then I try my hardest to tell her that I only have 143 pages to go and if she would just leave me alone I will feed her when I'm done...3 hours later. No, no. I'm just kidding. I would never do that to my precious angel. She has a self feeder and a self waterer for a reason. I know how forgetful I can be at times and she shouldn't have to suffer.

Okay, but my apartment is a disaster. That is the truth. I'm a little embarrassed to even describe it to you, but lets just say that you can tell the places that I have been sitting and reading (my chair) because they are surrounded by...uh...stuff, and you can tell the places that I haven't been sitting (my couch) because they have stuff all over them.

And then, the worst part of my addiction is when I come down off my high...finishing the book. I get depressed in varying degrees depending on how much I got into it. Right now, I'm just slightly despondent. Sometimes though, it's so bad that I don't want to watch TV, read anything else, or even listen to someone tell a story because I know it will draw my attention away from the book I just read and I am still in mourning for a story that has ended.

Oh, this is so pathetic. Is anyone else out there like this? Has anyone else ever spent days in bed just so they could read? Has anyone else ever skipped showers, meals, even bathroom breaks so they could just finish one more chapter? Has anyone ever slept with a book so that you could read until you fell asleep and then start reading again the minute you wake up?

National Nerd Day isn't until May 25th, but I think I'm celebrating a little early this year.

And just so you all know, I am THE MOST unreliable person when I have a good book in my hands. But I am finished now so things should start looking up tomorrow.

Just so you know, because I'm sure you are wondering what book I just finished reading, it was The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Now, it wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was pretty dang good...I'm just sayin'.


R Matthew Ware said...

I SO get you on this.

Read on, girl. Read on.

Alison said...

This is why it's hard for me to start a book when it is not a break or holiday during the school year, because I will get NOTHING done if I read (or I neglect a book because I know what will happen if I get into it too much). Yes, I have done all those things with a book, but have you taken the book with you to the tub or when nature calls? I have. sigh. I am reading The Host right now, however. Almost half way through. I won't be done until next week at the earliest or the first week of summer (see above mentioned reason as to why it will take so long). Man, I'm just glad I'm not alone in this crazy behavior. Thank you, your courage to confess to such a personal problem has brought me strength. :)

Erica said...

I am now commenting from a book break in my jammies, haven't showered yet today, skipped Zumba- meaning... Yes I get you. Ask me about The Historian in about 2 days. I also may have to go back after I finish this book and do some research, movie watching and googling.

I heart books.

Amber said...

I am absolutely the same. And the depression part of it...I totally get. I even get so caught up in a book that I think my life IS the book.

The Patton Family said...

Oh I totally win "mother of the year"' when a great book is in my hands. I just let the kids run free, and if they can get it themselves from the pantry, they can eat it. I usually at least try to have them dressed by the time Patrick gets home from work. On a scale of 1-10 how much did you like it?? I'm trying to decide if I want to read it. I just pre-ordered the 4th Twilight book last night from Amazon! I can't wait!!!
Sadly, no Patrick's truck is a Nissan, not Toyota. But we are proud Honda owners, so that is just as good. :) No disownment yet!!

Rhia Jean said...

I feel much better about my addiction now. Thanks everyone for your support! I would rate The Host as an 8 compared with Twilight being 10.

Emily Anne said...

dude, I am so there. I also get depressed when the book is over. I was addicted to the Twilight books and had a HUGE depression after they were over. I forget the characters are not real.

Tamara said...

I agree with you 100%. For one thing, how could you watch TV after just finishing a book that affected the very way you looked at the world, if even for a few days. And besides, it'd be useless waste of time to watch anyway.

Let's be honest. You read a good book and it's with you for life. You watch a T.V. show and it's just over, nothing to muse about or ponder over or just get lost in. We should have a National Nerd Day party.

K2 said...

I knew that if Em was friends with you that I could be. This post has definately made me your bestest friend! I feel so much the same way and I have an even worse addiction because I feel like I MUST OWN the book. My room is being taken over. I have to force myself to put the book down and go to bed. I just LOVE reading. LOVE IT!

Alison said...

Hey, your music is not working. FYI.