Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Got Nuthin'

I'm just blogging to say that I really have nothing insightful or thought provoking to share with you. I am at the grunt part of my job...the end of the year when I get to clean and organize and put things away and try to remember everything I need to do because if I even had the time to make a list, it would get lost the minute I finished it. So, while my fellow bloggers are posting about crazy superheroes, the wonders of soda, the complexities of social circles, animal rights, the wonders of marriage and children, and analyzing Pride & Prejudice, I got nuthin'. All day long, people bring me stuff and either I put it away or put it in a pile so that it can be put away later. I do have some student helpers that are helping me un-bury myself. Mrs. N. has even come by twice and promised to help me but guess what? Yeah, she hasn't really come through with that yet. Maybe it's payback for calling her out in front of her daughter. Tomorrow my exciting project is to clean out two drawers of cords. I have no idea what any of them go to, but I'm going to do my best to figure it out because seriously...two drawers of cords? Come on!


WhiteEyebrows said...

keep your eyes peeled for that pesky usb cable... :)

some days I actually have to make up stuff to get me through the day.

Alison said...

These blog titles, "Nuthin' Fancy" "I Got Nuthin'," it sounds like a whole lotta nuthin' lately. :D Ha! I'm soooo funny! Ha-ha! Actually, I got nuthin' clever to comment, so I went with something stupid. :S

Matthew said...

I'm not trying to sound weird or condescending or anything, but your job seems kind of exciting to me. I'm just sayin'.

Congrats on (almost) making it through another year.

Emily Anne said...

Sometimes the blogs about nothing are the best. Also, we can't be brilliant and witty all the time.