Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Love/I Hate

I love counting change. Weird, I know, but I love it. It's soothing to me...kind of like alphabetizing things or listening to a clock tick.

However, I hate how dirty money is. Especially pennies. All the other change is shiny or whatever but pennies are always so incredibly nasty. Why is that? Why are pennies so gross? My fingers are black after counting them. *shiver*

I hate taking tests. Especially state certification tests in the state of TX. They suck. On Saturday, I had to take my librarian certification test and it was so unorganized and the administrators didn't know what was going on, it drove me nuts. Oh, and I just plain hate taking tests.

However, I always love to watch know-it-alls say something obviously stupid. It makes me smile. Which is what happened at my test Saturday. We'll call Miss Know-It-All KIA for short. Here is my story:
I get to the test site (Bryan Adams HS in Dallas...not a place I want to be after dark), and we are seated in the auditorium so that the administrators can make announcements on where everyone is supposed to be. While we are sitting there a LIC (Lady in charge) comes in and tells us that if we have a cell phone to go put it in our car because no cell phones are admitted. If we don't have a car (like if we got dropped off), then when we get in to our room to hand over our phone to the test administrator. If we are caught with a phone during the test, then our test is taken up and we must leave without finishing. So we get to our room and KIA asks the administrator if he wants to take our phones and he says "No, just keep it in your purse." Then a mini discussion ensues as KIA tells Mr. A (Administrator) the rules and he basically tells her it doesn't matter. KIA is frustrated because, well, she knows it all and is super nerdy taking some super nerdy math test and is one of those people who MUST follow the rules. Then after Mr. A is giving out the tests, KIA asks if he wants to see her calculator. He gives her a puzzled look and then she states loudly, "You're supposed to look at my calculator and make sure the memory has been wiped." Then she addresses the entire room and says, "It was in the rules. I read the rules and that's what it said." Really? You read the rules? Because if I remember correctly, on the first page in bold letters it states that cell phones are not permitted at the test site.

So just remember that with everything that you hate, there is always something in there you can find to love, and with everything you love, you may find something you don't like but you can still love it despite that.


Matthew Ware said...

Money is incredibly dirty. Working at the bank your fingers would turn black from counting it. I totally understand the joy of counting change. The satisfying chink of metal against metal. Of course, there's always the issue of miscounting and having to start over fifty times.

Here's a useless piece of information. Did you know that American coins aren't magnetic? Canadian ones are, but not US.

You know, it's been a long time since I've been in school, but I understand the irritability of going through trainings. I switch jobs enough to go through it every year or two. At my current job after training we had to take these assessments where they told us not to use our manual to answer the questions. What? We can use it as a resource on the job, then why not on a test? And the assessment worded questions in a purposely difficult way to make it harder to answer the questions. The trainer said she didn't want to make it too easy. You know, if I know how to do my job, why does it matter if I know the name of the program that looks up patient information?


Alison said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I remember taking my certification test for 4-8 grade ELA and sitting next to this woman who was super nervous and said to me, "This is my second time to take it. I hope I pass." After I finished the test, I remember thinking to myself, "You SHOULDN'T be teaching if you can't pass that test." Scary. I wanted to know where that woman had gone to school, because she needed to get her money back.

WhiteEyebrows said...

The last test I took was a drug test 3 years ago before i started my new job. No more tests... EVER!

Emily Anne said...

I understand about tests. I have my first Critical Care test on Monday and I hope I don't fail. It scares me. The NCLEX scares me too. That's the nurse boards. I'm thinking about investing in earplugs so I can concentrate better.