Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please Please Tell Me Now

Dear Brother Anonymous,

You posted a comment on my blog a few weeks ago and I just read it today as I was reviewing my most recent posts and seeing if anyone new had commented. If you haven't noticed already from reading my other posts, I'm a little OCD...or CDO if you like things alphabetized like I do. I'm also the kind of person who likes to read the last page first. Yes, the first page I read in Harry Potter 7 was the last page...don't judge me. So it's been driving me nuts all day that someone I don't know has commented on my blog and now it has become an obsession to find out who you are. It's like hearing a song and you can't remember what movie it's from. Or walking all over the grocery store and you can't find the dad-gum marshamallows (which is a true story that actually happened to me today). So let's play a little game...hee-hee.

Here is a list of questions of things I need to know about my blog commenters. Please answer honestly...or you can lie to make it more interesting if you want. Then it will be more fun to try and figure out which is the truth and which is the lie. But that might be kind of hard since I don't know you, so honest answers are probably the best way to go. You may begin.

1. Are you for or against powdered mini donuts?

2. Do you think fish should be classified as pets?

3. Do you sometimes use a calculator to solve simple math problems because you are too lazy to do them on your own?

4. What is the first letter of your first name?

5. What is the second letter of your first name?

6. What is the third letter of your first name?

7. What is the fourth letter of your first name?

8. What is the fifth letter of your first name?

9. Do you have more than five letters in your first name?

10. How do you organize the books on your bookshelf?

11. Do you even have a bookshelf?

12. Do you even own books?

13. Have you set all of your clocks back one hour or will you just leave them as they are and wait until daylight savings to come around again?

14. When you wake up 10 minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off, do you make yourself to go back to sleep or do you just get up because it's a sunshiny day and birds are singing and all that nonsense?

15. Do you wash your car on a regular basis or just wait for it to rain?

16. Have you ever had West Nile and/or SARS?

17. Do you yourself have a blog I can leave anonymous comments on?

18. Do you think I'm funny? (like funny ha-ha...not funny weird)

19. Do you ever put things on your to-do list that you have already done just so you can cross them off?

20. Do you love it or hate it when people stand up in testimony meeting and testify of how much they are going to miss everyone when they leave?

Your turn. :)


Anonymous said...

OK, just this once I will come out of hiding...

1. I am FOR powdered donuts, but only if there is chocolate milk close by and no one cracking jokes or making me laugh. (that powder can be DANGEROUS!)

2. No, they don't live long enough, they are too easily forgotten and there is virtually no way to bond with them (no petting, no swimming - unless you are super rich and have a fish pond, and no hanging out on the couch together).

3. Doesn't everyone?

4. a

5. n

6. o

7. n

8. y

9. yes, can you guess the rest?

10. I don't, my live in maid does it for me.

11. I have many book shelves with many shelves each...they are just not all my books :)

12. Some, my live in maid owns more than I do and I let him/her use my shelves too.

13. I've set them back, but it took me a few days.

14. I go back to sleep, even if it's 10 minutes after the alarm clock should have gone off. Oh, wait - I don't use an alarm clock, at least not one that runs on electricity :)

15. The rain does a decent enough job.

16. Only when I got it from you!

17. Yes

18. Both

19. To do list? That's only for people with ambition!

20. Ummm, what is testifying? J/K, I prefer grat-imonies to bye-imonies.

So, I must now confess - I am NOT your Brother Anonymous. But, I do read your blog and sometimes make comments. Can you guess who I am?

Rhia Jean said...

Pittman! The powdered donuts gave you away.

Matthew Ware said...

Okay, this is just silly.

I like silly :)

Alison said...

Nope, sorry! It honestly wasn't me, although, I wish it was! :)

Rhia Jean said...

Grrr!!! Now I am going to go nuts! No more anonymnity people! No more! Was it you Samuel? Amber? Torgerson? Who? AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Amber said...

ok - you caught me. I totally had you going. I knew my only chance of getting caught would be if you checked my other comment time stamp and possibly your google analytics. o well, it was so fun writing that :)

word for the day: gazzx

what happens when you are found out...kinda like the gas being let out of your balloon (gas-x ... get it?)

Emily Anne said...

Can I answer the questions even if you know who I am? Well, I'm going to anyway.
1. I LOVE powdered mini donuts - so does Will.
2. I kill fish, so no on the pet thing
3. yes. I don't like math.
4. E
5. M
6. I
7. L
8. Y
9. No more letters. that does make me wish to have a longer first name though. My first name is my longest now that I got married to a Ware.
10. I just put the books in randomly and Matt organizes them for me. I do my movies by genre and then alphabetically in the genre (or did before I married Matt).
11. yes - several
12. yes - I even have boxes with books because I have too many and not enough space.
13. I set the clocks
14. I get up if I wake up - unless I wake up 1hour early - then I go back to sleep and oversleep.
15. Go Rain
16. No
17. Yes
18. Yes
19. No because it takes too much time to make a list just to cross off what you have already done (but Matt does that)
20. I HATE thank-amonies and by-amonies with the same passion.

Thanks, Rhia. That was fun. Let's do it again sometime!

Rhia Jean said...

Well, since Bro. Anonymous has declined to play (he really hasn't declined, he just hasn't played), I guess it would be fun to open it up to everyone. Amber has played anonymously and Emily has played knowingly (is that the opposite of anonymous? no? what is the opposite? that's question 21). So let the games begin! But especially for you Bro. Anonymous! And let me just clarify that no one...NO allowed to comment anonymously and try to make me guess who they are! It took me two days to figure Amber out and I don't have that kind of time. I could die of West Nile any day...I got bit on the hand by a mosquito just this evening. Okay, so I'll leave the game open until Monday and then I have other things to blog about and then I will have to move on with my life and be resigned to the fact that I will never know the anonymous people in my life and I am sorry about the run-on sentence.

Amber said...

rhia - u b so funny!

Matthew Ware said...

"I do my movies by genre and then alphabetically in the genre (or did before I married Matt)." -Emily

Okay, that's not true. That's what I did and you didn't like it and insisted we but everything in alphabetical order regardless of genre (which actually works better for me).

1. I like em, but I like those brown ones that have the crumblies on them better.

2. No, they're impossible to name unless you only have one, and they die too easy.

3. Yes, because my math is usually to keep my check book up. I especially have a hard time subtracting from 0 (ie, 100.00 - 59.42 = ?) because I forget how to carry over the numbers.

4. We're going to go with my middle name. M

5. A

6. T

7. T

8. H

9. Yes.

10. By size and sometimes on what I've read and what I want to read next.

11. Yes.

12. Many.

13. Emilly does that.

14. I beat my alarm clock like it owes me money.

15. Rain. I think I've ran my current car through the wash before. But not often.

16. Nope. Look at me, I'm SARS free.

17. Sure, but I prefer to know who's commenting.

18. Yes, extremely.

19. I put easy things on it so I can feel good about checking them off.

20. Yes. A testimony is a specific thing. Not to thank people or say goodbye. Just say goodbye, don't do it on the stand. An effective testimony can be done in under two minutes (same for a public prayer).

21. Yes, knowingly can be an antonym for anonymously.

Anonymous said...

W.E. sister here
K so was I anonymous? I don't know. You said "brother anonymous" so I just assumed it wasn't me. I am a bad lurker and so I may have been too tempted and said something to you anonymously sorry if I did. :)

Rhia Jean said...

No, W.E.'s sister, it was not you...unless you were pretending to be a single 29 year old LDS male. If that was you, I am very impressed at how convincing you were! JK, you always announce that it's you so I'm okay with your anonymity...even though I don't know you. But after W.E.'s vacation and your hostile take over of his blog, I kind of feel like I do so please feel free to comment anytime. I quite enjoy you! :)