Friday, February 22, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Rhia Jean

Okay, so maybe they aren't really DEEP thoughts, they are more like RANDOM thoughts. So here are a few things that I have been contemplating blogging on but the thought doesn't go beyond one sentence. If there are any of these that you feel need to be expanded on, please let me know and I will attempt a full-on blog. :)

I think seat warmers were inspired of God.

Nothing helps to heal a broken heart like a nice big juicy steak...or a hamburger...or just red meat in general...except for pot roast...that might induce it...okay, just steaks and burgers.

It is completely unnecessary to come to a full stop when you are trying to turn a corner. In fact, it's in my top 10 list of the most annoying things.

Nutty bars should be a food group.

If I take something to a potluck, I try to take it in a disposable dish. That way when it is time to go, I don't have to go back and see that no one has eaten any of my food.

Sometimes I live in denial.

My BFF is the best BFF and there ain't no other BFF like my BFF!

I LOVE the flash forwards on Lost because it is like I get to read the last page first (which is how I read books:)

Girls, when you have to go to Auto Zone or Discount Tire or any auto mechanic shop, I have found that the best way to keep from getting duped is pretending like it is the single most annoying thing you have had to do in 20 years and the person helping you is an idiot. See, guys pick up on these clues and if you send the vibe that you are NOT to be messed with, they most likely will not even attempt it.

Stop signs should be optional when there are no other cars around.

Why does my cat meow to the back of the chair? Does she think it will answer? Is she trying to make me jealous of the chair?

For some games, cheating is not's a merely another strategy to win.

Sometimes I purposely set myself up for disappointment by checking my e-mail 4 to 5 times a day.

Christmas time is the only time that we purposely stress ourselves out under the guise of peace and joy.

Okay, that is all I have for now. I will end with one of my favorite Arrested Development quotes:

Michael (to his son George Michael): What is the one thing that should always come before everything else?

George Michael: Breakfast?

Michael: Family.

George Michael: Oh, right family. Yeah.


Molly said...

I love you. LOL.

Amber said...

ur gooood! I say a bag of burgers to the potluck with a broken heart and you come away clean and whole :)

what is this arrested development book? i've never heard of it.

stop signs are ALWAYS optional - especially when turning a corner.

O, wait...pie, lots and lots of pie cures a broken heart (after the burger of course)

a burger a day keeps the doctor away.

OK, I'm done...except one more...

The only good hair day is a hat day.

Alison said...

I love George Michael! Both of them (the singer and the character). :) My top picks for you to expand upon would be:

3. Seat warmers inspired by God.
2. The flash forwards on LOST (ohhhhhh, this week was frickin' awesome!!!!! Am I right, or am I right? Am I right?)
1. Nutty bars should be a food group (completely agree).

Ok, bye.

Amber said...

ooo, i'd love to hear about you living in denial. like what? denial that there are stop signs?

WhiteEyebrows said...

I love pot roast... especially my mommy's pot roast!

Oh, and seat warmers are of the devil. Why in the world would I want to sit on a chair that burns my buns?!?

Tamara said...

Seat warmers RULE! Are you kidding me? And I agree with the stop sign thing. Like in the mall parking lot? Who is kidding who? Even if you DO get caught rolling through, what's the mall parking lot security guy gonna do to you? Revoke your mall parking priveleges? HONESTLY!

I totally heart your blog.

drfindley said...

Dear White Eyebrows:

It's obvious that you are a man, as your "seat" is already warm. Women's internal heaters most of the time are on the fritz. This is why at a large gathering of women, the most fought over position is the one near the thermostat. I highly recommend for your sanity that you decide right now that seat warmers are a fantastic idea, as having them in your car can be the means of "warming" that special someone's heart and not having them can make her become "cold" to you. Kapeesh?

Your Friend,

PS: Apologies to Rhia, I don't know the proper spelling of Kapeesh.

PSS:Also I capitalized Kapeesh when it really shouldn't have been. Make since?