Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why I Love Old People

I have always loved old people. I don't know what makes me love them so. I wasn't raised by my grandparents. There were no elderly people in my house growing up. I never worked with the elderly. It has always been a mystery to me why I am so drawn to them, and this week I gave it a little thought and came up with some pretty good reasons (or so I think) of why I love old people:

1. Old people think I'm cute. Not everyone does (including myself) and therefore this is very flattering to me. I could love them alone for this fact but please read on as there are more.

2. Old people think I'm smart. Now, I'm no computer whiz or anything but I know how to send an e-mail and how make a power point presentation and I can even make a double-sided copy on the copy machine in 2 seconds flat. These skills impress old people beyond belief and after I present them, I am ALWAYS rewarded with the comment, "You are so smart!" It's great, I love it.

3. Old people (mainly women) are excellent cooks. Seriously, have you ever had a truly horrendous meal made by an old person. Aside from my BFF's experience with green peas in green jello and other interesting food mixtures from her very own grandmother, it is rare to find an old lady that doesn't know how to cook...especially in the south. :)

4. Old people use words that no one really ever uses in common language. One time an elderly lady told me and a few of my single friends that in order to catch a man, we needed to "Perty yourselves up, you know, put some rouge on your cheeks!" Rouge, I would have never thought of that! Watch out I come!

5. Old people have an excuse for everything they do or do not want to do...they're old. I'm too old to work anymore. I'm too old to drive anymore, why don't you drive me? I'm too old to mow the lawn. I'm too old to care what other people think so I'll say what's on my mind. I'm old, I can wave my cane around instead of walk with it (gotta love Pres. Hinckley!)

6. It is socially acceptable for old people to do some of my most favorite things. Genealogy, needlework, play cards, watch Antiques Roadshow, apply for tickets to be on Antiques Roadshow, or have antiques period. Yes, I am a grandma at heart.

7. All sweets are "too rich" so in turn, I get them if I happen to be sitting close by during meal time. Yay for me!

8. This has by far got to be my favorite. No matter how early I manage to drag my lazy butt out of bed, they are ALWAYS up before me. ALWAYS. This is because of their strict schedule that is followed daily: They wake up around 4:00 am, go eat breakfast at Owens or IHOP and shoot the breeze with their old buddies. Then go get their grocery shopping done at 7:00am, go home and watch the morning news, and then take a nap. After nap time, it's time for lunch and then they do the old people stuff I love so much like genealogy, needlework, or putter around in the garage (I've never really had a garage I could putter around in, but one of these days I will and when I do, dog-gone-it, I am going to putter my little heart out). Then they have dinner around 4:00pm, watch some Antiques Roadshow and Wheel of Fortune (yeah, I like that show too). Then there's a little time to read a few pages of a book that you've read a thousand times before drifting off to sleep at the late hour of 7:00 or 8:00pm. That's the life isn't it?

9. Gardens. Don't old people have to loveliest gardens? I have successfully killed every plant I ever purchased, or that was ever given to me. But someday when I am old I will be blessed with the knowledge of vegetation...someday.

10. The ones that have made it through the storms of life with their spouses, truly love each other...probably even more than when they were first married. And here is where I get nostaligic. One of my favorite memories of my Johnson grandparents is during the holidays. My Grandpa Johnson was a die-hard Cowboys fan and would always go watch the game after the family festivities on Thanksgiving or Christmas. My grandmother would always stay in the other room and chat and visit. Whenever the Cowboys would score, Grandpa would get up and go give Grandma a kiss so that "she could keep track of the score". Really, I just think it was an excuse to share something he loved with someone he loved.

So, there you have it. That's why I love old people!

The End.


Erica said... I'm getting all misty eyed about my temple grandmas. I miss them already!!!

And my real ones too I guess. Hahaha!!

Speaking of them using different words......I like it when they say you need to find a fellow or a gentleman or a beau. Mwahahahaaa. Maybe the reason I can't find one is because they all died off by 1956.

WhiteEyebrows said...

This post makes me so happy. I love old people too. When I was a paperboy in my neighborhood, It used to take me all month to collect, because all of the old people would invite me in and we would chat for HOURS on end.

#5 made me laugh.

#8 sounds Amazing! (except for the getting up at 4am part)

#10 was just plain beautiful.