Monday, February 11, 2008

It's An Epidemic That Is Sweeping the Nation

Okay people. If you haven't yet read the "Vampire Books" as they are popularly called (and everyone knows what I'm talking about right? The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer), you might have found yourself completely puzzled on many occasions whilst people (mainly girls) around you are dropping names like Edward Cullen (let us have a moment of silence :), or discussing vampires with a dreamy look in their eyes. Vampires aren't a subject that comes up in normal everyday least not until recently when the Twilight Series became so popular. And people who have not read the book just go "Huh." with a confused look on their face when we readers try to convince them of the greatness of the love story between a girl and a vampire.

So for you non-readers out there, let me just give a little insight as to why the readers (or for me anyway), are so in love with these books: Edward Cullen. He is the vampire that the main character (Bella, a non-vampire girl) falls in love with. It's not because he is a vampire that we love him so much. It's not because he is described as being the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth. It's not because he drives a Volvo when he could drive any car ever made. It's not because he can demolish a car using his super vampire strength without blinking an eyelash. It's not because he would do anything to protect the ones he loves. And it's not because he is seventeen years old (he doesn't age as a vampire, but really he is like 110 years old or somewhere near that-I can't tell you exactly because I have loaned out my book and therefore cannot check my facts). It's because he has never fallen in love or even been attracted to anyone until he meets Bella. In 110 years, not a single girl has caught his eye until she comes along.

Well, you are either doing one of two things right now: puking in the garbage can at your desk or you have just melted into your chair. Did I mention that these are FICTIONAL characters? Even I have to remind myself of that when I get carried away. Fiction. Fiction. Made up. Not real. There isn't a man on this earth that could live 110 years that would not find some other woman attractive unless they were gay, and even they wouldn't last 110 years either. Yet, we totally buy into it.

That's not the whole reason why we readers love these vampire books. It's just one of many and before anyone gets too nauseated, I'll stop. But beware, once you begin, you'll be hooked. After all, it's an epidemic that is sweeping the nation!


Alison said...

Maybe that's the reason we all love the Twilight series, or maybe it's because none of us are getting any, so we're happy to live vicariously through someone else's human-vampire love story. :D Oh, but I heart those books. They are literary crack--so addictive. :)

Oh! And I love that you have a moment of silence for Edward Cullen. ha!

Erica said...

Geez..after you have written it like that Rhia.....I find it less romantic that she's the only girl he ever loved(or dated) in 110 yrs.

Suddenly I am like......Dude....was Edward Cullen mormon? Maybe we are putting too harsh of a time constraint on men that need a century to "blossom" so to speak and reach the maturity level of a 16 yr old girl.

I kill myself sometimes. Heheee.

I would let edward kill me instead but he's fictional. Hehehehee. oh tear.

Lori said...

So I gave into all this crazines and bought the first book yesterday! I am excited to start reading . . . Oh & the lady at the bookstore said that book #4 of the series is due out in August . . . just wanted to pass that along to all you hardcores.

An Average Family said...

I totally pause in my reading for the moment of silence. Even a married geezer like me can't deny the moment (sighs).