Monday, March 2, 2009


Pets are important. In my opinion, everyone needs one. They are companions and comforters. There are more pets in this world than humans (at least I think so...) And so, I will share my thoughts about pets with you all...don't hate me.

Pets and kids:
Kids should have pets. They teach them about responsibility, love, empathy, selflessness, kindness, and did I mention responsibility? They also teach kids about death and loss, which is morbid but an important lesson in life. I'm not saying your house has to be a zoo. Just give your kids the opportunity to experience having a pet. Yeah, pets are messy, but so are kids...get over it.

Pets and cloning:
People who clone their pets are selfish. The cloning process itself isn't cruel, it's the fact that you would spend thousands of dollars so you can have your dead dog back when that money could have been used to give other puppies that are alive and suffering right now a good safe home.

Pets and adults:
Okay adults...pets are not substitutes for children. Dressing them up is not okay. Birthday parties...not okay. I call my kitty my baby but she doesn't get treated like a human. Although, taking care of a dog can teach you a lot about taking care of a kid. Hmmmmm....might have to rethink this theory. Just don't dress up your dog and throw birthday parties for them. It's disturbing.

Dogs vs. Cats:
When you get a dog, most of the time they come do a home visit and sometimes have a probationary period to see how well you bond with the dog. Why don't they do that with cats? Or fish? I'm just sayin' that a lot of fishy lives might have been saved if Petco had done a home visit on me. But really, cats get neglected and abused just as much as dogs. Doesn't anyone care about the kitties of the world and the homes they are sent to?

Kittens and Puppies vs. Cats and Dogs
Someday when Millie dies, I'll get another pet but I have decided that I don't want a kitten or a matter how cute they are. I want a grown up animal. Maybe I'll kick myself later for this, but everybody wants the kittens and puppies and it makes me feel sorry for the grown up animals that never get adopted. :( Plus, I've had a grown cat for 11 years now and a kitten might drive me nuts.

Me and Dogs:
Not everyone should get a dog. I know I am not and would not be a good dog owner. I never have been. It's something I learned a long time ago that makes me feel sad in my heart. I would like the companionship and love of a dog but I could never return it. It makes me feel like a horrible person so I just tell everyone I don't like dogs.

Regardless of the animal, I am a sucker. It breaks my heart to see animals sad or in pain. Animal movies always make me cry. I never could make it through Benji. I was a bawling baby after the first 10 minutes. And The Fox and the Hound? I had to stop it halfway through so I could pull myself together. My Dog would have thought I was having a mental breakdown at the end. It's ridiculous. I really the crazy librarian cat lady? This is like, the 20th post about animals. Maybe I should get out more....


Matthew Ware said...

They say cat/dog owners live longer, happier lives. Maybe it's pet owners that like their animals, because I seem to be more stressed. But on lonely nights when my wife is gone, I seem to tolerate the cat a little more.

Alison said...

I loved having a dog as a kid! Pets have such personalities, and dogs are always happy to see you. I bathed my dog every week, fed him, let him out to do his "business," and picked up after his "business." Picking up after a dog (or cat) definitely teaches you to get over yourself. I mean, honestly, after picking up dog crap for a decade, I can do almost any job.

However, I do not have a pet right now and will not get one until one of two things happens: 1) I have a house with a backyard for a dog to run around in (which would also mean that I have enough money for a dog). Or 2) I've had my last child (who is 5 years old), and I'm now ready to have a dog at home to keep me company while the kids are at school. Besides, kids don't learn to look after a pet until they are even mentally aware that there is one in the house.

That is all.

The Patton Family said...

So can you have your dog groomed and put bows in their hair and then spend more money on professional photographs of your stupid ugly dogs then you ever would on any of your children or grandchildren??? HUH?!?!? You know what I'm talking about!!!! My Grandma is a tad on the crazy dog lady side!!

BTW, I seriously do hate dogs, and my kids will never get to have one! Their cat will have to do.

Marisa said...

Cory was watching TV the other night and I happened to sit down on the couch just in time to see a dog chase after a stick of dynamite and then get blown up. I started to cry and asked Cory to change the channel. I later found out that it didn't really happen. UGH!! I am definitely a sucker for animals...

Emily Anne said...

I believe all children should have pets. We tried the dog thing, but it didn't work out. The dog was too big for our house and we don't have a fenced in back yard. We have a cat now, and I love our cat. He's wonderful. My husband is less than enthusiastic. However, Will LOVES him. Will and Jasper (the cat) chase each other in the mornings and Will throws the ball for him to play with. It's cute. Long live Cats and Dogs!

Allie said...

I wish! I told Brian when we get a house I want a dog. He said NO I said before we got married no animals. I am really trying to work on him, but I don't think I am making progress! HELP! I can't have cats cause to quote Erica their hair hates me bad!

Em's end said...

There's nothing wrong with loving animals ... more people should do it. Glad you are setting a shining example and are helping get some vital information out there!