Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Spring Break!

I know all of you out there do not get to enjoy the magnificence and wonder that is Spring Break and I know you might be wondering to yourself what one does during this blessed time of the year. Well, I don't know about all of the other educators out there, but here is a list of all the things I plan to do this week:

clean out and organize my garage
sleep in
get caught up on my DVR
pet the cat
read a book that I chose
dust my bookshelves
play an 84 song marathon on Rock Band
take my car to the shop
plant some flowers
buy or make another bookshelf for all the books I just bought
figure out why the garage door switch isn't working
cut off a dead branch from the tree in the front yard
go see a movie
get all the dead bugs out of the light fixtures
find some new chairs for my new table
take naps

There. Sounds thrilling doesn't it? I know, I lead an extremely exciting life. Please, don't be jealous. :)


WhiteEyebrows said...

That's quite a list. Good luck, especially with the naps part. :)

Alison said...

Yeah, I also have a list for Spring Break. Here are the highlights:

*Do taxes (check)
*Write thank you notes
*Clean out files and shred
*Clean out cabinets above my desk
*Clean my whole apartment--AKA Spring Cleaning
*Enter lesson plans into the computer system that I haven't in a while
*Finish a book and start another one.
*Play an 84 song marathon on Rock Band.
*And so on . . .

It's a thrill a minute, but I do love the sleeping in . . . big time! :)

Emily Anne said...

Umm, good luck getting all that done. I would get to the naps and shopping part and have no time for anything else. Have a lovely spring break!

Rhia Jean said...

Em, that just might be what ends up happening. :)

Matthew Ware said...

I love to-do lists. I'll even put really simple things that take five seconds like "fold blankets on couch" just so it looks like I'm accomplishing things.

Marisa said...

I love getting tons of stuff accomplished. Good luck and enjoy your time off!!

Erika said...

Too late for the warning--I'm already jealous!

Tamara said...

I'm with Erika.