Monday, March 23, 2009

One of them days

So lately I have been having a string of days that I like to call "I keep doing stuff but nothing gets done" days. I make my nice pretty and/or messy list (sometimes I like to make a really sloppy list so then when I accomplish things on it I feel like I get double points for organizing things...weird, I know), and then as I start to do things on the list, I realize that every time I take a step in the direction of accomplishment, I really end up giving myself something else to remember and do. Here's an example:

My sister and her family are coming into town this weekend. I ask her what groceries I need to have since she's bringing the two little ones with her. She gives me a few specifics (like milk and bananas) and just some general stuff. So I decide to be all super prepared and go to the store on Saturday and I get all sorts of stuff. But then I realize that if I buy milk and/or bananas on Saturday, they're going to be bad by the time they get here this weekend. So now instead of making just one trip to the store, I will have to make two trips. I didn't really accomplish anything.

Here's another example: I got new windows (yay!). The Home Depot guy stops by my house the other day with this form for me to fill out because the city of Garland gives you a one time credit on your utility bill if you get energy efficient windows (which I did). So I sit down to fill it out but realize I don't have all the information. I call HD guy to ask him what to put down and he tells me I have to call a different person to get that info. Again, I didn't accomplish anything because I still have to call somebody to finish the paperwork.

Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate everything!!!!!!!!!

It makes me completely unmotivated to do anything because I know I'm just going to have to re-do it again later. Blah!

Everything is wrong. The end.

P.S. Please don't tell me that things will get better soon or any of that nonsense. It'll make me want to throw up. Just scream really loud that everything is wrong with me okay? Thanks.


Erika said...

AAAAAAAAggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! I HATE 'them days'! I feel your pain.

My word verification is: notril--See, even IT can't get anything completed. No 's'. sigh

Marisa said...

Amen, sister! I'm not proud of it, but yesterday I yelled at a lady from Bank of America. I went into a bank branch in Dec. and submitted paperwork to change my last name on all of my accounts (checking & mortgage). They issued me a new check card and I thought they had changed my name on the mortgage too. I found out that the name was not changed on the mortgage and when I called to ask about it, the lady said that she would send me some forms in the mail that I would have to fill out and send back. I asked if they could just look at my checking account and verify the name change there and apply the same last name to the mortgage account. Apparently not. So I bent her ear for several minutes about how inefficient their systems are. AGH!!!

Tamara said...

Oh, how I hate days like that. I may or may not have completely lost it on the Snapfish customer service guy when for the eleven millionth time, they screwed something up. I don't know why we must be plagued with days like these, but we are...

Matthew Ware said...

My word verification is 'liticsms', those are phrases like "everything will get better" or "this too shall pass". They don't mean anything, but they sound nice.

I think most times you deal with someone, especially over the phone, there's a filter that goes through their brain. The filter tells them whether they can file your problem off into "this isn't my job". If they can do that, they saved them the trouble. We've so moved away from a customer service world. The real kicker is sometimes I catch myself doing that to people and have to stop myself.