Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Googled Me

My friend Emily posted a blog where you google yourself with various adjectives such as "Emily likes" or "Emily says" and then you write what comes up. My name isn't as common as Emily, so I was curious as to what would come up.

There are lots of Rhia's out there in the world. Here's a list in no particular order of the other Rhia's in cyberspace:

A Goth Girl who is a self proclaimed Psychotic Albino Rhia

A Labyrinth watching, Dune reading, David Bowie listening Gypsy Rhia

A Skanky Spears fan Rhia

A fictional land in an anime book called Rhia

An extremely religious Rhia

An Exclusive, Independent Female Escort and Courtesan Rhia (I won't post a link to that...)

A Dungeons and Dragons player Rhia

A vampire lioness crossed with a tiger Rhia (the pic is extremely similar to Simba and Scar in The Lion King...)

I'm not googling myself anymore...


Matthew Ware said...

I google my first and last name together every once in a while just to see if I can find myself. Does that sound Zehn to you? Anyway, there's a black NFL player named Matt Ware. He steals all the google glory.

Allie said...

I wouldn't google you either, scary scary people:D Yes I went to all the links, :D

Em's end said...

My, what lengths others will go to to be as wonderful as you. Looks like they aren't having much success. I mean, after all, you just can't beat the original now can you!