Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Blog Revised

Okay, so my friend has a blog (Dr. Findley...see the link to the right) and whenever he posts, I don't understand any of it because it's all computer mumbo jumbo stuff and so I never know what to comment about. When I read it, it's like someone typed a bunch of random words and expects me to know what they mean. So here, I would like to break down his latest post and insert a few things so that it will make sense to the rest of the non-programmer world. All programmers beware, this may be blasphemy to you.

Here is the original post:

Leopards + Search Paths = paths.d

I’ve been messing around with MySQL, git, macports and a couple other things that place files where they weren’t part of my search path (aka the PATH variable). I’ve been adding stuff to /etc/profile or to my own .bash_profile to get around this problem, but it never quite felt right. With Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), all you have to do is add a file in the /etc/paths.d directory with each path you want on a separate line. Ah, now that feels better.
Here’s an example:$ pwd/etc/paths.d$ cat git/usr/local/git/bin
This is all due to the path_helper program in your /etc/profile.

Here is it is revised a la Rhia:

Leopards + Pants = Disaster

I've been messing around with fashion and a couple other things that place leopard prints where they weren't supposed to be (aka Pants). I've been adding bling to make them more bearable to get around this problem, but it never quite felt right. With Leopard, all you have to do is pass it up with each pair of pants you want. Ah, now that feels better.
Here's an example: $100 pair of leopard print pants = 2 pairs of $50 jeans
This is all due to the pants helper program.

See? It totally makes more sense!


Alison said...

When I read his post, I thought to myself, "I love nerds, LOVE them." (And I'm seriously not being sarcastic. I heart nerds. After all, my father is a big, HUGE nerd.) And then I read your translation (which helped tremendously, as I was completely lost reading that as well--who knew? Leopard pants! Of course!). Things made a lot more sense.

I would also like to add that leopard prints should NOT be on Kitchen Aide mixers.

That is all.

Tamara said...

Thank you Rhia! That was EVER so much more user friendly. Phew!

So, since Elizabeth decided to be sick on the day of your housewarming party, when can we come crash your pad?

Emily Anne said...

You crack me up! That is all.

Matthew Ware said...

Um, I'm pretty decent with computers, but that stuff made no sense to me.

I'm more of a Mac man these days, and Apple has a version of its software called Leopard. I don't know if it comes with pants. I'll have to ask.

Erika said...

If you ever decide to leave your library, you could be a "compu-speak" translator and make a MINT of money! Now I not only understand, but also support the post.

Got Bombshell? said...

That guy is waaaayyyyy smart. And you are waaaayyyyy funny. And leopard is best left on throw pillows, wing chairs, high heels, and kitchen aide mixers. (Oh, I just saw Alison's comment, I really did write this and then read hers, so I am not a total plagarist. But, I did get the idea from her HILARIOUS kitchen aide post!)

Kristen said...

You might just be a genius!