Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oops You Did It Again!

Yes people. The creator of two of my most favoritist TV shows has done it again. J.J. Abrams has created another obsession for my life.

First there was Alias which I'll admit, I only started watching because Michael Vartan is bee-u-ti-ful, but it also had a good storyline to go with it. A very good storyline until it went south during season 4 (the season I like to pretend doesn't even exist).

Second there was Lost. I was driving home one evening and saw the billboard ad for it and made a mental note of the date it was premiering so I could put it on my calendar when I got home. All I had to do was see that billboard and I was hooked.
And now there is a new show, Fringe...which has a storyline that is kind of hard to explain. Basically an FBI agent teams up with a genius and his crazy mad scientist father to investigate weird occurences that are all linked to fringe science. See? Kind of hard to explain. If you watch the pilot, eat first then watch. I'm just sayin'.

And now I will attempt to break down J.J. and his wonderful creation/co-creation habits for you.

J.J. has a habit of trying to create adult dramas (or dramas of the heart) that inevitably bomb (Six Degrees, What About Brian...Felicity did well so I have to give him credit for that one), when his real talent is in suspense dramas (see above).

J.J. has a habit of carrying actors over from previous shows. For instance, the guy who played Weiss on Alias was Sean from Felicity (he had a small part on Lost, I'm just waiting for him to pop up in Fringe...he and J.J. must be BFFs). The guy who plays Locke on Lost was Kendall from Alias. This time its the guy who plays the head of the secret agency on Fringe was the guy who works for Widmore on Lost. The black guy with immaculate diction.

Sadly, J.J. has a habit of starting a new show and ignoring the previous one until it gets extremely stupid and we have to pretend like seasons never existed. Case in point: Lost began when season 4 of Alias began. What does this mean for my precious Lost? It's about to get stupid. :( I really hope I'm wrong on this one.

He's getting in the habit of re-introducing teen stars as grown ups. I mean, who ever thought we'd see Matthew Fox again after Party of Five went off the air? This time Joshua Jackson has been resurrected from Dawsons Creek. Thanks J.J.!

The stars of his TV shows eventually go on to bigger and better and we get to see them in different roles (which I always like) after J.J. starts working on a new project and the previous one goes down the crapper. Jennifer Garner, Matthew Fox, I bet it will be the girl from Fringe...maybe's a toss up.

And finally, my favorite. He always keeps you guessing. This is why it becomes an obsession for me because it drives me nuts not to know.

So here's to my new obsession Fringe. Please feel free to join me. Really. Please do. I'll need someone to theorize with....please?....anyone?


Matthew Ware said...

Alias got started right after I left for my mission, so I automatically missed the first two seasons. Though I heard it was really good.

I watched the first half of the pilot of Lost (this was a couple years after it started) and it was so intense I had to turn it off. I mean, when the guy got sucked into the jet engine? Yech.

I have to give credit to JJ Abrams, though. He took Mission Impossible, which had a really silly second movie, and wrapped up that series of movies with a really cool third movie.

I'm excited to see the new Star Trek movie coming out next May. Speaking as a Trek nerd, I think he'll do a good job relaunching the franchise.

You mentioned him bringing characters over from his previous shows and that's a habit I've seen with Joss Whedon, another director/writer I really like. David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter from Buffy to Angel, Jayne from Firefly was in Angel,River from Firefly had been in an episode of Angel. You see that with some directors, the loyalty they have to their actors. Sam Raimi is like that too.

Anyway, I'll quit before I take over your comment section.

Alison said...

I recorded the piolt, but haven't watched it yet. I'll be sure to do so, so we can talk theories on Saturday.

I've been a fan of J.J. Abrams for many years: Alias, Lost, Felicity, I love(d) them all. But you're right, they tend to get sucky as he moves on to other projects. Of course, most TV shows increase their potential at suckage the longer they go on, but you know . . . . Anyhoo, Saturday, yeah--Fringe talk. :)

Emily Anne said...

I didn't watch Fringe, but it looks really good and I want to. My father in law broke it down for me. Sadly, I must admit to never have been sucked into a JJ Abrams tv show. I'm sorry, Rhia. I'll do better. I do LOVE Joshua Jackson and am happy to see him again.

K2 said...

I really liked Fringe...a lot. And Joshua Jackson isn't so hard to look at. Never could get into Lost though. I think that Fringe will be great! Can't wait to discuss and dissect. :-)

Got Bombshell? said...

I doubt I'll watch it, but I do love Josh. Stems from the "Mighty Ducks" days of my youth. I always wished they'd kill off Dawson and just call it "Pacey's Creek."

Erica said...

Hmmmm I didn't even know about fringe!!! And you know how I heart the X-files. This sounds like it could be the Alias Files.

Em's end said...

Okay, call me totally nerd ... or maybe just "too old." I have a habit of not bothering to see who directed what. Hey, I just want to watch the show, okay? It's sad though, because to be in the business/profession that I like to brag that I'm in, I SHOULD be paying more attention to "directors."

Well, I totally missed Alias, and the others, and if it weren't for Rhia Jean, I would never have seen (and loved) Lost.

So now I'm hoping my sweet savior Rhia Jean has recorded Fringe on her spiffy new DVR so I can come over and watch it. How 'bout it, Rhia Jean?

Rhia Jean said...

Heck yes I recorded it and heck yes you can come watch it!