Sunday, August 3, 2008


On Tuesday I will have internet again and be connected to the wide world again.

On Tuesday the plumber will come fix the drain to my washer and I can have clean clothes.

On Tuesday I will post a new blog with all of my fun thoughts and things I have experienced in the past week or so.

On Tuesday I will read and laugh and comment on all of your blogs I haven't read yet.

On Tuesday I will finish unpacking.

But today I am borrowing my brother's internet.

Today I am going to finish my book (yeah, Breaking Dawn).

Today I am going to eat pizza.

And tomorrow I am going to mow my lawn...please pray for me.


Matthew said...

I'll be looking forward to Tuesday.

And I'll pray for you as a bonus :)

Alison said...

Tuesday needs to get "here, here." *in pretentious British accent.*

Emily Anne said...

Umm, so I guess you got moved into your new house? I'm looking forward to Tuesday for you. I'm also looking forward to not hearing about Breaking Dawn until I have read it :) I'll pray for you and your lawn. I have to mow mine, but am putting it off until it starts eating people (which should be any time now).

Tamara said...

I'm all pumped for you. It's Tuesday and all is right in your world again. YAY!

Em's end said...

Wow, you've only lived in your new house for a matter of a few days, and already you are acting like a homeowner!

How was the mowing? Were your lips and teeth green when you finished? I think they make a toothpaste that takes off the green stains from eating lawn grass. (Ha,ha,ha ... cruel, cruel, cruel.)

So, did the mower behave?

Is the washer behaving now too?

How soon can I come over and make a mess in your new house?

Glad you're settling in so well. Warm and fuzzies!