Sunday, August 24, 2008


...I was mistaken.

Case #1

So tonight whilst helping my brother with dinner, I was in charge of a huge pot of Rice-A-Roni. When cooking this delicious side dish, there are three basic directions to follow:

1. Pour the rice mix in the pan with some butter and let it get brown (ish).

2. Add water and the seasoning packet.

3. Let it boil and then simmer.

Now normally, people might make one or two boxes at a time, but when my brother's family, my mom, and I get together for dinner, there are nine of us so we made 4 boxes at the same time and instead of using a skillet, I used a big pot. I got to step two and instead of just asking for a big measuring cup, I decided I would use a small one and just take the pot to the sink. So I picked up the pot by the handles on the side...with no pot holder.

I was very proud of myself for not using any sentence enhancers that I would be embarassed about later.

Case #2

A few weeks ago I went to Ikea and found a bed that I really really liked. The only problem was that it wouldn't fit in Aibi's car. So I bought the parts that would fit in her car (the midbeam and the roll of slats). Yesterday I went back to Ikea and got the actual bed frame. I was so proud of myself as I was putting it together last night at 9:30pm...until I realized that I bought a queen sized bed and full/double sized slats. Yep. I'm sleeping on the couch again tonight.

Case #3

I thought that if I moved into a house I would be rid of weirdo neighbors. Wrong. I was outside a few weeks back and saw the neighbor boy go out onto the backporch in a pair of shorts with a towel slung over his shoulder while he rigged up sheets like a fort and then stood there behind his fort with the water hose running on his head. It took me a minute to realize he wasn't just cooling off...he was taking a shower.


Alison said...

Oh, the couch. :P I'm sorry about the hand, the bed, and your ghetto fabulous neighbor. I shall bring you chocolate on Friday. :)

Matthew Ware said...

I have a little story to go along with Case 1. My second job in the whole world was at Hy-Vee (our local grocer). My step-dad was the kitchen manager and I worked with him. He had to leave the department for a while one night and I was left alone. I set a pot on the stove to boil some water to make something (mashed potatoes, maybe). Anyway, I got busy and forgot about it. Some time later a regular customer (who was the nicest guy in the world) came up for an order. I was passing by the pot of water and noticed the water was completely gone. So, when I normally see a completely empty metal pot, my brain says it's okay to pick it up.

My brain was wrong.

So, after picking up the pot, and not making any verbal sign of intense pain, I went to wait on the customer. Hey, he was a really nice old guy. Anyway, he told me I should probably run some cold water over my hand. Hey, some people wouldn't care if the person taking care of them had just sustained a second degree burn.

Emily Anne said...

Sorry about your wierdo neighbors. I think there is no way to get away from wierd neighbors. They follow you everywhere. The problem is that there are way too many freaks in the world to ever get away from them.

Sorry about the bed too. Did I ever tell you about the time I was laying on the bed and it broke and crashed to the ground? Good story. We had mattresses on the floor to sleep on instead of a couch, but I understand your pain.

Amber said...

Neighbors - just think of them as endless hours of fun :)