Wednesday, August 6, 2008


...I am a sinner...for the following reasons:

1. I went to the temple tonight only to realize that my recommend expired last month...and all I could do was laugh at the situation...especially when the brother at the recommend desk told me "You're off the hook!" when all I could do was turn around and go home. It's really hard to remember something two years in advance!

2. I got a speeding ticket yesterday ending my clean streak of almost 2 years of ticket free driving. I was going 52 in a 35 and after the cop handed me my ticket, he told me "Slow down and make it to your destination safely." Oh, right. Because going 17 miles over the speed limit is just dangerous. I mean how could I be so careless and put everyone's life in danger by going 17 miles over the speed limit!

3. I was supposed to get my haircut yesterday but instead I got a ticket and then pulled off the road to I didn't make it to my hair appointment. I didn't call to cancel. I didn't call to apologize for not showing up. I didn't call to reschedule. I want to but I'm too embarassed because I can never make it to my hair appointments on time or really even on the right day. I really like my hairdresser but I'm afraid my forgiveness tokens are all used up by now...maybe I'll call tomorrow.

4. There was a baby blessing at church on Sunday and all I could think about was Breaking Dawn. I was 100 pages away from being done at that point and the microphone wasn't working very well so I couldn't hear the guy giving the blessing...and my mind wandered...a lot.

5. I haven't been running in about 3 weeks. I know everyone else out there is rolling their eyes but I signed up for the Nike Race in Austin over Labor Day weekend (on a Sunday...yet another sin to add to the list) and I really haven't done squat. I can't run 6 miles cold turkey!

6. I scratched my mosquito bites.

7. I had a popsicle for I'm going to have cookie for dessert at 11pm.


Alison said...

YOU SCRATCHED YOUR MOSQUITO BITES??????? Going straight to hell.

P.S. Aibi was 100 pages away from being done on Sunday as well, and she couldn't pay attention to save her life. Worse than an ADD kid with no meds. sigh. ;)

Matthew said...

1. Well, at least your recommend didn't expire six months ago and this is the first time you're noticing it. I wonder when mine expires. Hmm...

2. My last ticket was 17 miles over. I had a radar detector at the time, but my music was too loud to hear it go off. The officer told me that he sometimes lets people off with a warning, but not if they have a radar detector. I wanted to ask how often he lets off people going 17 over. Seriously. Just give me the ticket and stop lying to me.

3. Having a wife, I know how important this is. I feel for you. Em's last hair cutter would often be late or even cancel on her. This wasn't such a problem because Emily was often late or would have to cancel too.

4. Is it wrong to think that most baby blessings are like general conference talks: too long and mostly for the one doing it to hear themself speak?

5. You've got three and a half weeks! You can do it!

6. I scratch my eczema.

7. Yesterday I had dessert at 9pm and dessert at 12am. It's okay. ONE OF US actually exercises.

Anonymous said...

You are a horrible horrible person... go say 3 hail mary's, spin two times around and have a beer.

You are absolved.

The Patton Family said...

Oh man, a few weeks ago we had a baby blessing, and the grandpa was blessing his granddaughter, and he kept blessing her that she would be RS president, YW president, Primary president, and then started listing off all the General Presidencies she would be on. Me and Patrick had to keep from rolling our eyes and laughing. That is a bit out there for a baby blessing. You are suppose to BLESS them, not CURSE them. So I would have wanted to be thinking of Breaking Dawn too. I'm only about 100 pages into it. I'm such a slacker!!!!! But my excuse is that my mom was here! What did you think...was it as good as the rest of the books????

Amber said...

I don't think I can read you blog anymore! I'm so horrified by you sins that I think you might have turned to the dark side :)

Matthew said...

Ooh, come to the dark side. It's better over here.