Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Hereby Solemnly Swear... talk no more of rats and roaches. I know it's really grossing people out...well, it's grossing me I'm done.

However, in case you didn't know, I went to the NKOTB concert last Sunday and let me just say that it was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

Just imagine being 12 years old and all of your dreams come true. That's what it felt like to be there at the concert. I don't know what you dreamed about when you were 12, but my obsession was NKOTB and a boy named Bryan Hantes (I can't believe I remembered his name...) that I had a stalker-ish crush on. Hmmm...come to think of it I was really really obsessed with him. I'm not going to go into the details because I really don't think anyone cares how weird I was at 12 years old, but lets just say I scare me.

Anyways, back to NKOTB...I took some videos but they are all too big of a file to post here. Maybe if someone would be kind enough to enlighten me on how to get a video bigger than 100 MB to post, I would post them for you. They aren't great quality by any means but they do make me smile. :) So instead of videos, you'll have to make do with my written memories...

I screamed so much that my chest hurt like it does right before you get sick.

It finally hit me that I was seeing NKOTB again when they started Please Don't Go Girl and then I turned into a 12 year old and started screaming and jumping up and down. It was beautiful.

I felt a little weird doing the hand wave for Hangin' Tough because if you looked out over the audience it was like in the movies when crowds of people did the whole "Heil Hitler" salute.

I couldn't stop screaming. What was it that made me scream? I have no idea. Especially when Donnie went out on stage and just stood there...we went nuts...completely nuts...and all he did was stand there.

I was sadly disappointed when Donnie sang Covergirl. He always would choose a little girl from the audience, pull her up on stage and then sing that song to her. This time he had these *ahem* "dancers" with him on stage and it just made my stomach turn a little. I still screamed and sang along though.

When I got there I kind of wanted to kick myself for not forking out the extra who knows how much money to sit as close to the stage as I could. If I had it to do over again, I probably would have paid an obscene amount of money to be close as I could get. That's dumb huh? Yeah, it is but I would have done it.

And last, I know that I thought they were "oh so fine" when I was 12 and 13 and even a little of 14 years old, but I am here to say that those boys turned into some very very very good looking men. Holy. Freaking. Cow.

Okay, and here is one obsession about my 7th grade crush Bryan Hantes that I will share with you so you know I am serious when I say that I was weird. I knew what kind of car his parents drove because I would watch to see when he got dropped off in the morning for school. I would then spend every minute I was in the car or on the bus looking at every car that passed by to see if it was his. I also knew his schedule (which I figured out by sheer observation), and all of the different shirts he wore and I would keep track of them and make predictions to myself each day on what I thought he would be wearing. Oh! And here's one more thing you don't care to know...I had his old science know how you used to have to write your name in the front cover of the book (I don't know if they still do that or not), well...I thought it was surely a sign that we were meant for each other when I saw his name written by his own hand in the book that was issued to me.

And just so you know, I never spoke one word to him...ever.


Matthew Ware said...

So, did you steal his book?

I think it's great when you get a chance to just let go and have as much fun as you can. The fact that you got to revel in a piece of your childhood is an extra bonus.

Rhia Jean said...

No, it was a text book. He was in the grade above me so that's how I got his book. I'm actually impressed that you read my entire post!

Alison said...

Yeah, you jumping up and down and screaming during "Please Don't Go Girl" was pretty much one of the best things I've seen in a while. :D They did age very well. They look much better now than they did then. That concert was greatness on so many levels! sigh.

I think the level of your obsession with the crush just speaks to your OCD (CDO) tendencies. Plus, we all do stuff we just shouldn't when we're smitten, ESPECIALLY when we're 12 (and 16 and 18 and 21 and 24 and 27 and 31 and well, you get the point). Everyone gets stupid. Although, shirt predictions is a little out of the box. ;)

Got Bombshell? said...

I think that Donnie made the right choice by not choosing a little girl to come up on stage... First of all, I doubt anyone under 25 was there, and second of all, it might be kinda borderline pedaphile (sp?) at this point...
I am way jealous, I would have loved to see my old love, Joey!

Erica said...

Ahh the crushes of 12 yr old girls. Not that I ever got over many of mine. I saw Saved by the Bell one summer in Cali years before it came to Texas TV. I was crazy in love with Mark Paul Gosselaar from that point on. And the funniest thing ever... my sister when I was like 17 comes up to me and says I have something of yours from my math class. And I'm all- whaaaat of mine would be in a math classroom in jr high? Apparently in the stash of forgotten school supplies that everyone used was a ruler I had painted on with white out that said ELT (heart) MPG. All the kids in her class had wondered all year who the people were and my sister finally got asked and was all- HOLY CRAP that's my sister's ode to Zack.

Emily Anne said...

I'm very sorry I missed your crazyness. It would have been worth the concert money just to see you scream. And we all knew you were a bit odd. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I followed a boy home from school one day because I liked him and he lived close to me.

Tamara said...

Ah, the 12 year old crushes. You've almost inspired me to fess up about mine on my blog...almost. I'll refrain in mine would completely obliterate any credibility I may ever have n this life or the next. For reals, we're talking NERD MAGIC!

Anonymous said...

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