Tuesday, October 28, 2008


...I don't know when enough is enough.

So about a month ago, Torgerson got me (and a few of my friends) to read a new series of vampire books...stop laughing. The series is called Blue Bloods. It's a fun easy read but nowhere near as innocent as Twilight...nothing too terribly bad either though. Anyways, we read the first two in the series in September and the third was due to come out this month...today actually. I only know this because...well...I'm CDO (OCD). I liked the books and all but I had decided it wasn't mandatory that I have the third book the minute it was put on the shelf or anything...I had decided to let one of my friends buy it, read it, and then I would borrow it. Sometimes I decide things and then change my mind...drastically.

As I was driving home today I thought, "You know, it would be the perfect evening if I had that book and could just snuggle down in bed and read all evening long." I decided to check Target because there were a few other things I needed to get there as well. Of course, they didn't have it. Drat! I had given up and was on my way home when I remembered that having that book would make my evening perfect so I asked Jack (my trusty GPS) where the nearest bookstore was. He said Waldenbooks in Plano by the mall (whatever mall that is off 75 and Plano Pkwy.) and that it was only 6 miles away. Perfect! 6 miles isn't that far. I got there and saw no Waldenbooks, so I figure it's in the mall. I also figure that since I came this far, I might as well go inside the mall and see if I can find it. Once I get inside I realize that not only is there no Waldenbooks inside the mall, the only bookstore is a Borders Express (it probably used to be Waldenbooks...it looked just like it)...and that it's on the complete opposite end of the mall one floor up.

Now, any sane person would say enough is enough and just forget it and go home. But not me. I won't give up now that I have come this far even though it is obvious to me that I am going on a wild goose chase.

I trek it across the mall only to find a messy unorganized bookstore (grrrr...). After wandering aimlessly for a few minutes, the bookstore lady comes up and asks me if I need help. I always resent it when I get asked if I need help in a bookstore or library. I work in both of those places for crying out loud! I should know my way around. Anyways, I ask the lady about the book and she says, "We don't have that yet."

"It was supposed to come out today." I say...I'm CDO...I know my release dates on books!

"Yeah, I heard that rumor too but they didn't send us any today." she replies.

Okay! That's it! Enough is enough. Until I walk by Bath and Body Works and the smell pulls me in. If I can't spend $15 on a book then I definitely need to spend $60 in Bath and Body Works to justify my trip to the mall right?

If that's not enough, I realize that I need a GPS not only for driving directions but apparently for walking directions too. It's no secret that I often lose my car and have to revert to looking like an idiot in a huge parking lot as I walk around with a confused look while pressing the panic button on my clicker. I must have wandered around the mall parking lot like this for about 10-15 minutes before realizing that I came out the wrong doors and my car was actually parked on the other side of the mall.

So now I'm going to go lay on the couch under 5,729 blankets and watch TV. Good-bye.


Alison said...

Well that sucks!

I'm ordering my copy off of Amazon, as I do not have permission from myself to start it until I finish The Woman in White and at least one of the two books I have to read for our new book list selections (by Nov. 12th).

But I really just want to read the Blue Bloods book right now. sigh.

Erica said...

That's right blame me.

Also.....yes the book store inside Collin Creek does suck hard. There is a B&N Old Navy and DSW right out the back outside the mall off 15th St. Just for future reference.

Rhia Jean said...

Aaarrggghhh!!!! If only I had known! Why didn't Jack tell me that? And yes, I do blame you E.T.

Matthew Ware said...

I think Borders bought all the old Waldenbooks and turned the ones they didn't close ti Borders Express. I'm not happy with Borders Express. It's not organized at all and doesn't carry a lot of the fantasy/sci fi and even children's books. So basically everything I read.

I was at a mall in Omaha and while Emily and her friend were doing something too girly for even me I went to track down the bookstore to find an empty space. There should be a law that every mall have a bookstore.

I have been on the crosstown scavenger hunts where you've decided you must have something and you will go everywhere you can think of until you find it. Or until you're so peeved you give up.