Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Why I Need (NEED!) an iPhone (in no particular order...)

1. Someone called my phone "old school" the other's barely two years old.

2. The hinge for the "flip" part of the flip phone is broken, so...yeah.

3. Cracked screen around the edges from sitting on my phone.

4. Crack on the keypad from sitting on my phone.

5. The sticker on the middle button (you know, the one that has all the shortcuts so you don't have to go through menu all the time) came off, like, a year ago. I have no idea what happens if you push the left or right side...

6. It's got dirt stuck in little crevaces from sweat and make-up that I can't get to, and it grosses me out.

7. The camera function is useless as I can take pictures but I can't do anything with them.

8. It takes forever to send a text message because I don't have a full keypad and I'm not talented enough to be able to use the word guessing function (see? I don't even know what it's called!)

9. I have a hard time hearing people as their voices are either muffled or too low, so I end up messing with the volume ALL the time and then missing half of whatever story someone is telling me.

10. It makes this sad little squeak when I open my phone, like it's saying, "Please! Just stop!"

See? I NEED an iPhone! I have to wait till August 15 though...cause AT&T said they can offer me a "discounted iPhone upgrade at a higher price". Does anyone else understand this? I don't, but whatever...


drfindley said...

Excellent Decision! Make sure you get the 3GS. It's much faster and worth every penny.

Kristen said...

I concur... you need an iphone baad! I want one but I have to stick it out till January. My friend at work has one and I steal it sometimes for a few hours. Most of the time I give it back!

WhiteEyebrows said...