Thursday, July 16, 2009

What A Crazy Random Happenstance!

Here my friends you will find the story of the most intersting and exciting thing that has happened to me all...summer...long. :)

This is the story of how Aibi saved my life.

So as the ENTIRE world knows, Tuesday night was the premier of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (actually Wednesday at 12:01, but whatever). Of course being the nerdy nerd that I am, I got tickets to go with a few of my friends a couple of weeks ago. Sadly Aibi didn't find out until it was too late and when she tried to get tickets to go with us, it was sold out. Boo! Hiss!
Well, Tuesday night came and I drive to the theater. I go to retrieve my ticket but the machine isn't accepting my card or my confirmation number so I go to the girl at the ticket counter. I hand her my paper and she says, "Oh, this is for a different theater." WHAT? "It's too late to try and buy a ticket huh?", I say. "Yeah...we are completely sold out. You can try to see if anyone has an extra ticket that they want to sell." I bet you can guess how incredibly easy that was going to be... Can you imagine how bummed I was to have waited the entire summer for this one event only to find out that I actually can't go? (Insert sad pouty face here that is trying really hard to look like it doesn't care...cause that's what my face looked like). So I shuffled off back to my car while everyone else was swarming into the theater and thought "Well, I guess I'll just go home...cause I'm not going to go see it by myself."
On my way home I thought maybe they would refund my $10.50 if I called the theater and gave them my confirmation number. So I did but they told me I would have to come to the theater. Ok. It's not like I had big plans...anymore. Maybe someone else would find joy in being able to see the midnight showing. When I pull into the theater though I notice that there aren't as many cars as I expected.

I feel I should pause here and explain the differences of the two theaters. The one I thought I had tickets for, the first theater, was on Legacy and 75 (for those not familiar with DFW's a nice area). The second theater, the one where I had my ticket was on Spring Valley and 75...aka "the ghetto". When I realize where I am, I understand why there aren't so many (most kids) from the ghetto aren't going to go to a midnight showing of Harry Potter. Yeah, they'll see it, but they aren't foaming at the mouth to see it the MINUTE it comes out.

Okay, so I go up to the girl at the ticket counter and ask, "Is the midnight show sold out?" and she gives me this look like "Yeah right" and says, "" So I tell her to hold on a minute before she refunds me my money and I call...AIBI! Cause remember? She couldn't get tickets to go with us. I'm standing there thinking, "I am so smart! I am going to make Aibi so happy that she can go now!" Right. Because Aibi has no other friends besides ME...uh huh. (Please feel free to roll your eyes as I realize how self-centered I am...)
So I call her and leave her a message telling her where I am and how it is her good fortune that the show isn't sold out. Then she calls me back and tells me, "Um...I'm already at that theater." "What? Really?" (I think she's joking with me). "Yeah, and I'm looking right at you." And there is Aibi...with another friend of hers. The whole time I thought she was sitting at home...sad...but no, she just called someone else and got them to go with her. And now it was Aibi who made it possible for me to go.

Cheesy huh? But it's true you guys! It's like one of those stories where someone loses their CTR ring and then prays to find it and they do! can all go throw up now, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Aibi saved my life...the end.


Marisa said...

I haven't seen the latest Harry Potter movie yet. Cory refuses to go. So I think I might be going by myself...or waiting until it comes out on DVD. I'm so happy that you got to go!

Miss Nesbit said...

LOL. I'm soooo glad things worked out for you! That was so sad when you came and then had to turn around and leave. Did you just love it, by the way????

WhiteEyebrows said...

Moral of the story is: if you want to see a sold out show, head to the ghetto. Hey, that rhymed!

Emily Anne said...

That is awesome. Apparently there are no theaters in Kansas City that are ghetto enough for that to happen. My friend Dave decided to take his mom and nephew at the last minute and couldn't find a ticket ANYWHERE in the KC Metro. He said he looked at 10+ theaters. He had tickets to go with Matt and I but everyone else had to stay home.

Alison said...

Yay! I'm glad you got to see it! Although, Miss Nesbit and I were sad :( that you couldn't watch it with us, but then happy :) that it all worked out in the end. Love the cheesy prayed for the CTR ring story!