Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jamal the Pizza Guy

I have to admit, today was a day of excellent customer service. Yes folks, let this day go down in history as the one day that Rhia was not completely hacked off and fed up after having to make a few calls and dealing with stupid customer service people. It started when I called Progressive about my insurance. The guy on the other end a) spoke English, b) was not just cordial, but friendly and chatty as well, and c) said it was his pleasure to help me out today (and he actually did help me...whoa right?) I...was...speechless.

It then continued as I was doing my taxes and didn't have some 10-blah blah form from my bank and had to call and ask them about it. Did you know that you can go online and download most of that stuff? Hallelujah technology! Anyways, the lady I talked to a) spoke English, b) didn't treat me like an imbecile, and c) was able to actually help me without transfering me to another person. It...was...lovely.

Then I was going to be all Martha Stewart-y and actually cook dinner. Well, until I realized the steamed vegetables meal in a bag thingy I bought had shrimp in it. *yuck* Then I said "To heck with Martha! I'm ordering pizza!"

Okay, let me stop and describe the scenery for you before I go on so you will understand what happened next:

First, I'm in my jammies cause I'm doing taxes and everyone knows that when you sit down and do your taxes, jammies are the dress code. I'm wearing a shirt that says "WHAT?" on it...it's not a shirt I wear out in public for obvious reasons (I don't want random people staring at my chest and thinking I have an attitude...simple).

Second, at a get together Friday night at my casa, Amy's cardboard cut-out of Legolas and Gimli ended up in my dining room.

So I order pizza and Jamal the Pizza Guy shows up. The first thing he says to me is "What. What!" with a little giggle as he points to my shirt (like it's the funniest shirt he's ever seen). Nice. Then after we do the whole pizza/receipt/pen juggle and exchange, he asks, "Hey are you a Lord of the Rings fan?"

Me: "Uh....ummm....I...oh! No, I had a party at my house this weekend and that ended up here."

Jamal: "Right! You don't gotta be 'shamed girl! It's okay. Everybody gotta like somethin' right?"

Me: "Uh...right. Okay, thanks! Bye!"

Yep...true story...all of it.


Matthew Ware said...

Hey, when we stayed there we couldn't get pizza delivered. So good job there.

And isn't it great when thing actually work? You can get so much done when things work. It's like going to the DMV, getting a polite person, and having all the paperwork you need the first time. Maybe my expectations for happiness are low, but that's like magic.

Alison said...

Yeah, don't "be 'shamed girl!" :) Love it!

Amy said...

I'm so glad that Legolas is helping you connect with people and make new friends! I'm still waiting for the "Legolas and I go for a drive" blog... I love you, Rhia Jean!

Tamara said...

I have to say I'm a little bit baffled. I don't think I have experienced in my entire life the amount of positive customer service you did in one day... Always the show off, Rhia. :)

Marisa said...

Isn't it so sad that poor customer service is the norm? Whenever my flight lands on time and my luggage shows up too, I'm always soooo surprised! Hooray for good customer service!

Allie said...

Ok so this will never happen for me, because I always get put on hold for like 50 minutes and then the person has to transfer me, and then I just get mad and ask them if they want to pay the overage of minutes on my cell phone plan... I can't even remember the last time someone was truely helpful.... oh wait it was with Aetna.. Yeah the costco line that you call to get help is amazing.. I think perhaps they may all speak english there:D