Sunday, April 12, 2009

Before and After

Sometimes in life you get a chance to get a good before and after picture of little things that happen...or big things that happen. Well, it just so happens that I got some good ones and I'd like to share them with you.

First, I got my trees trimmed in my yard. The ginormous tree in the front took them a little while to do because, well, it really needed it. My entire yard was filled with branches. It was insane. So I stood on my porch and watched because it was absolutely fascinating (and the highlight of my day up until that point) and I took a before and after picture of one part of my tree. I kind of wish I had taken a before and after pic of the entire tree, but it just didn't turn out that way.



My tree is soooooo much happier. And so am I knowing that none of those branches are going to destroy my house or yard or someone else's house. :)

Also this weekend, I went to Scarborough Fair with some friends. If you have never been to a Renassaince fair, I highly suggest least once. It's full of people who like to dress up and like to cause a ruckus. And most of the time they are highly inappropriate which just adds to the merriment. As we were walking around, we spotted this guy dressed up as a gladiator/guard/something and suddenly he picks up this woman and almost throws her over his shoulder. My friend Daryl thought it would be fun if gladiator guy did that to me and he took a picture. I'm a good sport and thought it would be a fun photo op, so I said okay. We approached gladiator guy and I asked him if I could get my picture taken with him and he gruffly agreed and smashed me up against him in a friendly hug (a.k.a. death grip). I smiled and Daryl took the picture. At this point, I was really kind of frightened what this gladiator guy might do to me if he picked me up. I mean, he was s-t-r-o-n-g. I didn't want to break a rib or anything, but Daryl really wanted a funny picture so he asked if we could take just one more. So this time gladiator guy grabs my butt. Lovely!!!!! I said, "Hey! Watch it!" Gladiator guy just laughed and told me a decent woman would have slapped him. Ha ha ha. So anyways, here is a before and after picture:

Before he grabbed my butt:

After he grabbed my butt:

I hope you all enjoyed this evenings festivities!


Matthew Ware said...

I like this before and after stuff :)

Okay, the first pic of the tree makes it look like Edward Scissorhands.

I've never been to a Renaissance Fair, but I really want to. I hope to find time this year. Now that we both have Saturdays off together.

I wonder if they're hiring. Being able to grab women's butts and get away with it? Hmm...

Alison said...

Yeah, you look a little uncomfortable in the second fair picture . . . or is it just me making something up? Oh! Did you think of me every time they gave you change, *in fake British accent* "That will be one pound and fifty pents."

Rhia Jean said...

Yes, Alison I did think of you...especially when I saw the vendor that had the silver spheres (notice how I didn't say balls?) like David Bowie in Labyrinth. :)

Emily Anne said...

I would go to the Renissance Fair here but I have never been to one as good as Scarborough Fair. Maybe that is because I remember it from my childhood days, but I went to one in Houston when I was living there and it was LAME compared to Scarbourough Fair. Maybe I will have to try agian, seeing as how my husband has never been and I obviously can't let him go alone or he might start grabing butts. Somebody has to keep him out of trouble.