Friday, November 27, 2009

Sometimes Things Don't Turn Out Like You'd Expect...

So today I decided to get out the Christmas stuff and decorate...


I found out that my Christmas tree is crooked and I can't get it to stand up straight, so I gave up halfway through decorating and my living room is a disaster...and it will probably stay that way for a while.

I went looking for an extension cord and found all these things I had been missing...


My diploma for my master's degree.
An extra pillowcase to replace the one that was stolen a year ago.
A Christmas card from one of my students a few years ago that kind of made me tear up.
And yes, amazingly enough I did find an extension cord.

I pulled out my camera today and looked through the pictures to see what I had on there and found this video:

She's not normally like this, but when she's mad at me, she lets me know...and usually I make fun of her or yell right back. I think by the time I had pulled out the camera the hissing had stopped and she had calmed down enough to only growl.

And everything else I did today was boring...not that all that stuff previous wasn't boring, but well, you know.


Alison said...

Love the Millie video!! :D

Marisa said...

Your tree has personality! And that video of Millie is priceless. I miss you and Millie!