Thursday, May 14, 2009


Seriously? That's how you're gonna leave Lost for this season? I am SO GLAD this show has only one more season! I friggin' heart it but it totally stresses me out. And I don't know if I can handle another Lost season finale. Earlier this evening I could barely stand up straight cause I was so I'm wide awake.

J.J. let's just talk okay? Let's just get things out in the open.

First: That's how you're going to bring back Rose and Bernard and even the dumb dog Vincent? What, did people start writing in griping how you just completely dropped them from the show and let us "assume" they were killed in the flaming arrow attack so you had to appease them with the whole, "This is how we want to retire." bit? That was SO not part of the story and obviously thrown in there at the last minute.

Second: Kate is a plague on every man she comes in contact with. And Juliet is the martyr. This is how it goes:
Kate: I love you. No I don't. I've always been on your side. Ummm...we're not ACTUALLY together. So you're saying you want to make it so we never met? Why?
Juliet: You'll always love Kate more than me so now I will go kill myself to save you.

Third: I knew it was preposterous that Locke would come back to life! I knew it! And I also picked up on the fact that Locke had turned from bumbling sad and pathetic man to Mr. I'm so confident I'm going to march right up to Jacob and kill him. I knew it! Good move J.J.

Fourth: I kinda wanna go back and watch Jack and Sawyer duke it out that wrong? :)

Fifth: The cabin on fire. Did anyone else catch the fact that even though they just threw a few (like 3) bottles of fire in the old moldy musty cabin in the middle of a rainforest type jungle that it went up like a huge ball of fire? I mean, even if you doused the entire cabin with gasoline, it wouldn't burn like that. It was kinda ridiculous.

Sixth: Maybe Miles was right about doing nothing....

Seventh: Of all the ways for Sayid to go, you pick "He got shot by a Dharma guy that missed every other target he aimed for." C'mon! It's Sayid! He's a friggin' assassin for crying out loud! Shot...blah! Well...okay it wasn't just a random was Ben's dad. But still Ben's dad is a drunkard. So...he got shot by a drunkard...blah!

Eighth: Jack didn't cry. :( I like to see Jack makes me giggle.

Ninth: Too many dramatic pauses.

Tenth: I can't wait till 2010. Why do I have to wait till 2010? Can you just give me a little sneak peak? Please? I'll be your best friend! *sigh* Fine!


Alison said...

I am commenting to say that I will have to read and comment on this post later. I haven't watched the LOST finale yet. (Stupid DVR not working--bah!) Ok, bye.

Alison said...

Ok, just finished watching it. All I have to say is "here, here!" *in a pretentious British accent*

Juliet hit that bomb with the rock and it went white and the LOST logo came on the screen, and I said, and I quote, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I can't wait until 2010 either! This bites, and yet doesn't because I heart Lost. sigh.

Rhia Jean said...

oh okay, that's right i forgot #11: juliet hits the bomb with a rock? A ROCK? and then it explodes? C'mon!

but still
i heart it
a little too much sometimes

Aibi said...

You make me laugh!