Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Lost!

Okay, so as most of you know, I am a huge, HUGE Lost fan. I am also super nerdy and tend to over-indulge myself in my obsessions. So is it any surprise that I have spent a fair amount of time this summer re-watching the entire series? Well, if it is then I am surprised that you are surprised. I know you all might not be as into Lost as I am or you may not even be into Lost at all, but I just thought I would share one of my most favoritist Lost moments that happened in Season 1. And this is also the reason why I love Jack so much.


Miss Nesbit said...

Dang Rhia. I have never seen an episode in my life, but after watching that scene, I may be inclined to Netflix it... or borrow it? That guy is cute! Now I see what you mean.

Rhia Jean said...

Mattie, you of course may borrow it! I have the first 5 seasons on DVD and the 6th will come out in August.